I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a beautiful weekend!!!

Went to the Y, hit the elliptical for 60 minutes, level 7 for 8 miles....unfortunately this is what my hammy enjoys, so taking a break from running.

Did some good stretching, then did lunges/squats. I thought the plan said 9x of 50 ft lunges and 21 squats, so did it. Then hit the showers and reached for the plan I left in my gym bag and it was 5x. Yes, quads were on fire. Hammy behaved, but wasn't sure how tomorrow it would feel. I know my glutes were going to love some ice when I got home.

Took the trainer tire off, (yes, took some time and lots of grease on my hands, legs, shirt,etc) and hit the road.


I loved it!

The WOD was a 40k.

So I did the familiar route of 20, and the climbs were great.

Quads felt strong!

My neck/shoulders need to get use the aerobars again.

My journey ended up being 26.92 in 1:34 with an average speed of 17.4.

Yes, came home stretched, iced, had ONE beer and went out to dinner to celebrate my daughters, one going to Nationals for ice hockey and the other making high honors. Total spaghetti and meatball night....but opted for Aleve for dessert.


Happy Easter!....

So went to my brother's for the yummies, and my bike accompanied me. I figured after brunch and cleaning up and yes, having some apple pie and ice cream, I'd go for a ride.

Went out by the reservoir...so peaceful and beautiful...quads again felt strong on the hills and straight aways. I think I was smiling the whole way.

Ended this ride with 27.85 miles, 1:33 with an average speed of 17.8

I knew my plan had something else on it for today, so I ran to the basement and did 25 squats/25 sit-up for 4 sets. Then for the heck of it, introduced 25 knee push-ups to my shoulder.

So stretched and now I am sitting on a bag of frozen peas.

As I often tell myself, I need to embrace the good days and plow through the bad days.

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