I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, May 31, 2010

WOW, Memorial Day Weekend.

Thanks too all those who have served, sacrificed, and continue to provide us with freedom.

Shout out to you "Ups"!

So, again the weekends I totally am exhausted to blog at night so backing up, hum, what did I do on Friday....

Friday 5/28
oh yea, I ran 400m and 50 squats for 4x.

I warmed up for a 1/2 mile, then started to crank up the speed.

This workout can be exhausting if you push it, and I did.

Was then suppose to head to work for a 40th b-day surprised but never made it.

So hopped on the bike and did the 90 minute TT. I did this knowing the weekend was jammed packed with an out of town soccer tournament.

Ya, my legs were tired, but cranked up rt 20 and went about my way. Finished up at 28:06 miles with an average speed of 17.8mph.

Saturday 29
Hit the gym real early knowing soccer games took up my next 48 hrs.

Warmed up on squats with 45lbs 5x then did 115lbs 5x

Back squats/row...so at 90lbs 21 reps/500 row/90lbs 15 reps/500 row/90lbs 9 reps/500 row

Then ran down to the pool 4x400 with 4 seconds within each other

Arms felt good....on to soccer.

Sunday 5/30

Monday 5/31
Open water swim at Lake Taramungus with Bendz and her crew. My kids were psyched, as they hung out on the beach and enjoyed the little minnows. As for me, I was hoping to just close my eyes, not see any fish, and make this 1.5 mile swim.

Open water swim is not an easy thing for me. I hate touching my feet on the bottom of lakes & oceans, and just fear all water life, even seaweed!

My swims always have me zigzagging all over the place, oh well.

So, Bendz, Todd, Erin, Ethan, Suzanne and myself swam to the other side of the lake and back.

Ya, it was pretty cool knowing that we all had a goal in mind and were over coming personal fears and not giving into our anxieties.

We all did it.

Great confidence booster for Rev 3 coming up next weekend.

Of course we ended the day hangin on the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather, and enjoying friends.

Thanks Bendz again for friendship.

U Rock!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today was a pool day.

Getting there was a struggle because the sun was out, its my day off from my work cage and my bike was staring at me for attention.

I went with my gut, which was telling me to swim.

So when I got to the pool, I grabbed the lane closest to the window so when I turn my head I got glimpses of the sky.

Crazy, huh?

But isn't training for an Iron Man crazy too?

So I swam 9o laps again, only stopped once to choke on my flem.

Then was hesitant about the shoulder press....sure hope Celebrex was happy about this.

Ran upstairs to the gym, eyeing the clock for when school was getting out, and decided to go for it.

5x of 5 sets...so it went like this:

30lbs ( warm up)

As I stirred the spaghetti sauce for dinner, I had a nice cold bag of ice hugging my shoulder. (just in case)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Where's the beef?"

I mean "beach?"

Only those old enough in the late 80's would understand. lol

Another beautiful day!

Looking forward to my ride home, top down, crank'in the tunes and a long holiday weekend!

Well getting down to business.

I ran today. Only 5 miles. On a TR...yuck.

But happy, my hamstring was intact with kinesio tape. I am taking a picture of the way it was taped so I can reconstruct it again for my next run. Of course nearing 43yrs old, I don't expect it to be perfect and it wasn't.

I had to decide between if it was just sore and underused or pain and I should have stopped.

Well, I mentally told myself to suck it up, no quitting and of course "grigs you keep going", but at the same time listen to my body.

Again, just get me across that LPIM finish line.

I must say the run felt like I had never run before. I had to keep reminding myself about my form and never reached that auto pilot feeling.

But that's OK....I will run outside on Friday, NOT on the TR, and evaluate afterwards.

I stretched, then came back to my desk and sat on a bag of ice.

This weekend I am excited to volunteer at a 5k/10k road race in Bristol. I love encouraging and cheering on athletes. Grease is going with me and we will get a glance at how the Miles for Multiple Myeloma will be set up for that race on June 20th. Mike and Jenny, THANK YOU!

So even though I only did 5 miles, I am psyched I did not wimp out and not test my hammy at all. The fear of the unknown.

Well, off to a 7th grade chorus/band concert. I wonder if they'll sing Sugarland?!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gosh, what a beautiful summer like day.....enjoyed most of it looking out my office window, but that's ok.

Today I swam 90 laps straight.

I got a little overwhelmed in the beginning thinking about the laps and my lack of time spent in the pool over the past few months.

But I jumped in and had to share with someone else.

OK, so I got a little competitive because of my sharing.

She had great kick turns , as I still grab the wall with my hand and turn around.

Well, I kept going and lapped her.

She eventually left the pool and I kept going and felt pretty strong in my last 20 laps.

Driving home, top down, cranked the tunes.

Another good day...

oh yea, and 2 months to go!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another weekend... fun-filled and flew by.

So after my bike journey on Friday, I got out of bed on Saturday.

Big accomplishment right there!

I wasn't sure if my neck was going to be able to support the weight of my head, but it did. I think the rowing must have something to do with it.

Saturday 5/22

Jam packed with away soccer games, a 90th birthday party, so today I decided was a rest day.

Sunday 5/23

Got this workout in right before heading out to see Sugarland in concert.

Since my hamstring was not taped and is still funky, I cranked on the elliptical for 30minutes. Only running seems to aggravate it. Rev3 is right around the corner. Not sure what's going to happen. A bit freaked out.

I then hit the rower for a 5k= 21:09.

Quickly moved over to the dumbells and did biceps 3x (15reps) of 15lb's alternating with triceps at the rope with 30lbs at 3x (15reps)

Lastly, hit the mats for 2x (25 situps) alternating with 15 twists with 8lb medicine ball

Bolted to the grocery store, cooked turkey burgers, inhaled them and off to Sugarland.

Monday 5/24

Wanted to test the hamstring but TR were taken and hammy not taped, so i day I hit the Arc for 30 minutes. But I think I wimped out. I could have run outside at work, but chose the confinement of the gym.

Then did 2x of the 50 step ups/40 box jumps/30 sit-ups /20 (20lb) kb swings/10 burpees. The step ups on the 24in box were a bit too high. Did it for the for first 50, then switched to the 18in for the other 50. Box Jumps on the 24in are OK.

Yes, I was sweating and felt beat up after 14:27.

I think tonight I'll go for the turkey burger again, but actually taste it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Today.....100.86 miles!

How did I do it?.... I just enjoyed it.

I was not nervous heading out....I knew if I just paced, hydrated and nourished these muscles I could do it.

I went out towards Riverton, and followed the Farmington River...so beautiful and peaceful.

Then climbed the hills on 181, my favorite Beach Rock route. No bear this time, but I was trying to plot out my next water fill up. Between the many churches and fire stations I knew I could get water, but I ended up stopping at this cute home made ice cream stand in Granville called "The Scoop". I guzzled one bottle in there before this sweet ole lady filled it up again.

Hey Grease, I came across a street named "BALANCE ROCK ROAD"...enough said.

So I continued on...

I went by the Granville gorge, what a beautiful ride that was too.

I proceeded over to Congomong Lakes where a friend lives, and she had cold , wet water!Thanks MK!

I think I was at 61 miles at this point...I had at least 2 Gu's and a Powerbar.

My next wonder site was the cliffs over in Suffield.

New England melts my heart.

I was getting hungry so wolfed down another Powerbar on my way to my Mom who I surprised her on her 70th birthday, she too had cold, wet water & Ritz bits with peanut butter. Took the rest of the bag and stuffed it into my Bento box.

The journey continues....

Rode by where my best friend growing up use to live. The memories came flooding back.

So now comes a bit of a blur....

Then around 70 something miles I placed a call to Bendza and just told her how hard it was to chew, even though I chewed into the phone and then continued on.

Around 79.79...I pulled over and ate some more and made myself drink. I told myself I needed to stay focused on eating and drinking. I was thinking, 20 miles, piece of cake. uh-huh...sure.

We all know how sick of eating Gu's and powerbars can get, never mind the dirt, grease and stickiness we all feel.

Quick snack on the side of the road and time to get pedalling again.

My quads were fine the whole way, as were my calves, hamstrings, but my feet hurt! Its that pressure spot where you have the pedals. What to do? Should I be Gell'in with Dr Shcols?

I cruised onto my street as my daughter i knew must have gotten home and i was at 99.50...I yelled "Moogie, I got .50 left to go, I'll be right back!

Well, my bike and my body was very good to me. We shared alot out there seeing we spent 5:45 hrs together. We did cruise at times hitting 40 mph and my average speed was 17.3mph.

So a 26.2 mile run left to do.....

I'll do it.

Just me , myself and I.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yes, Today was a new day....

I was thinking about this.....what would happen if the wagon was never invented?

So today, my body was sluggish from me being a garbage disposal last night.

I blame it all on me and letting my emotions get to the best of me.

So today was 500row/50 kb swings/500row/40kb swings/, etc.... The 20lb kb were being used at the time and I was already running way behind taking my lunch break. Work has been nuts lately. So I grabbed the 15lb and went to town.

ok, my warm up to all of this was 30 minutes on the elliptical. I needed to sweat out the garbage and emotionally get myself back on track.

So my wagon thought....if they never invented it, we would never fall off it and have to get back on.

Wouldn't life be boring without it?!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I knew what kind of day I was going to have when I got to the off campus work seminar. I should have known better and had breakfast before going. When I got there, I was hoping for a bagel with peanut butter and a banana.

Instead I was offered muffins, soda, coffee and water.

And the funny thing is the seminar was about TPR (take personal responsibility)

I flunked at breakfast.

Well I was suppose to ride for 45 minutes, but the bikes at the gym were dis functional, no straps,etc. So I decided to hit the TR. I have been avoiding the TR since my hammy still is a bit whacked.

I was not feeling confident both physically and mentally. After the seminar, I wolfed down my lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.And ya, the 2 muffins at breakfast. So my nutrition and timing of lunch vs workout sucked.

Well I ran for 15 minutes, stretched then ran for 5 more minutes. Hammy was not comfortable even though I had it taped with kinosis tape. So got off , and hit the Arc for 20 minutes. My hammy only bothers me when I run. So maybe I need to fix my gait.

Yes, I was a bit devastated...

but I went on to the deadlifts of 5 sets of 3 at 115lbs.

So today, was a rough day.

Unfortunately, I continued in my slump of nutritional choices.

Tomorrow will be better.

I promise and owe it to myself.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Monday...always enjoy my ride and coffee into work...so quiet and peaceful, the skies have been extremely blue.

Oh well....it's 7am and time to start working....

Well, my legs were tired last night, they felt like lead sinkers so I was excited, yet nervous to see a 10k row on my plan for today.

Well, I wasted no time, just started going. As usual, my butt bones hurt when I row. I kept telling myself, "you think this is painful, wait till LPIM. And that little sweat that keeps dripping in your eye, that's is no excuse to stop rowing".

I kept thinking pace yourself... I wasn't too sure how my body was going to handle it. I did take a 2 second break at 5000 to suck on water, but did not allow myself to stop any other time.

I must have looked funny cause i was trying to maneuver into a spot to get off my butt bones, and row at the same time...kind of like chub rub and your trying to get those shorts to stop creeping up your thighs.

Well, I did it...44:04. Yes, I had some left in the tank, so now when I go back to do it, I will have a challenge ahead of me.

Lights out, good nite Monday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gosh, Sunday night already............yup tired and dirty again.

But "all's good"

Grease, thanks for the delicious dinner...steaks, bake potato and salad, ya and a little more steak. yummmmy.

What a way to end a beautiful weekend.
So Saturday 5/15, feels like days ago, but yesterday, what did I do??

Deadlift 75 lbs 30x
20k bike - level 13 = 34:13
1000 row= 4:07
Sit ups 25 straight ones/ 15 side with 8lb med ball (4x total)
hit the back extension for 3x 12 reps
triceps 3x 12 reps at 35lbs.

legs were a little tired from Fridays WOD...

So today, Sunday 5/16...

Beautiful, blue sky day!

Just like ole times, met Christina at Simsbury Farms went for a ride.

We rode Beach Rock, not a TT, but just a ride to enjoy one another company and have some fun.

Would fun mean coming across a HUGE black bear?? It was huge and kept crossing the road in front of us... we did not want to turn around, because our favorite part of the ride was coming up.

So lets just say we swallowed our hearts for lunch as we pedaled where the bear disappeared into the woods.

I think my ride ended up at almost 40 miles.

Hit the basement real quick and did 15lb kB, 42 situps, and 84 squats (2x)

Did a stretch and foam roller...

And all this before...."Mom's what's for lunch?"

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Just keep it honest, grigs"......

Hey Bendz, I did.

Something about a dark exercise room, music blaring, and being solo makes the soul dig deep.

Today I did the 6x (5k) at RPM at 60 rpm.

After working a half day at work, Bendz and I hit the Y at lunch time. I told her walking in I always feel anxious, nervous, excited about my workouts.

Thanks Bendz for hanging with me on 3 of those 5K. You pounded through 3 of them, no rest, and still got off the bike to go bang out some sprints. NO other way to put it, but you are a freakin ANIMAL!

The first 2 were tough, but after i got into the "zone", I was jammin to the tunes. Yes, from the 80's.

Why not end it with 50 squats.

Left there soakin wet.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can someone give me a shower and put me to bed?! I am so tired and dirty.

Let me think....oh ya, yesterday...May 12th

I decided to give that kineosis tape job a chance... I ran 2 miles on the TR....weird that this simple strip of tape is helping my hammy. Still not 100%, but hey, if I can run and not feel like I am endangering other muscles/tendons on this body, then I am back to runnin.

I am psyched, my new sneakers came in the mail. Move over Prada!

And then my real WOD... a tabata of box jumps/back extensions/lunges/situps. I got sick of trying to watch the time for the situps so just did 20 of them regardless if I went over :20....

Today, May 13, I was suppose to do some bike and a pool WOD....This morning I was out of the house early, doing so many errands with 2 dr appts....emissions....and so on and so on. Felt good to knock these things off my to do list.

I was a little anxious about getting in the pool. I had to kick for 500yd with the kick board (i think). OK, may not seem like a lot but usually i kick 2 laps and my back hurts, my hip flexors are screaming and I just poop out hitting those scratchy lane dividers ....

but today...

I was so proud of myself.

I did it all and felt great.

So I continued some time in the pool and swam 9o laps straight. I needed to do this for confidence seeing that I have missed crucial arm/pool WOD. I did choke on some flem but kept going.

Tomorrow I will make up the bike WOD that I missed.

Weekend is looking like great weather....possibly will treat myself to a Beach Rock ride.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today was a day of redemption.

Yesterday, I was defeated by my own lack of effort and discipline.

I got up early today, hit the Y to conquer the 25K bike TT...did it in 44:40 followed immediately
by 45 squats.

At lunchtime, I had to make an effort.

I did 7x 95lb squats, 7x box jumps, and 25x situps for 5x...I had to briskly walk to get to the box jump from the squat machine. I refuse to turn into gym rage, kinda like road rage, I won't have it. So 8:03 done.

Well I wasn't "so done" at this point. I have been eyeing those colorful kettle balls for the past few days...(hold on as, I adjust the ice pack on my shoulder, hopefully for preventive reasons) I grabbed the 15lb with an anxious smile.

So I did this 15x KB, 15x 10lb dumbell curls for 3x

I then hit the triceps machine with 40lb for 3x of 15 reps

Then did 3x of 15 back extensions.

I closed down with "balance" (gotta find that in life, right Grease?) so I grabbed a bosu ball, & squatted with 8lb db in each hand and raised over head 15 for 3x.

Lastly, I hit my 15 minute massage and she put a strip of black kinesio tape on my hamstring.

Yes, Bendz, extremely "sexy"...NOT!

I am game for anything to get this body across the finish line.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Awe, weekends, I LOVE em!

Soccer games, kids, friends, cooking grill cheeses for the masses, ....Crazy!

Gee, by the time night comes, I have no energy to blog...so let me think back.


umm..oh ya, saw Erica on the rower and reintroduced myself. We shared some laughs and excitement for the upcoming Rev 3 and LPIM. She's got it going and wishing her the best!

Besides my socializing, I did hit the rower again. Feeling the need to work on the arms since they have been lifeless for a period of time. Decided to bang out a 5K. This time it was in 21:13. Much better than earlier in the week.

My gosh, these butt bones do not like the rower!

Then I did some deadlifts at 85lb for 30x. The soaz (sp?) muscle is not happy. Just going to continue to stretch, and massage it. Not letting it get to me. (OK, lying a little..its bugging me!)


Yummy.... started out with delicious blueberry pancakes and a large Dunkin Donuts coffee.

For Mother's Day, Bendz and I rode the Rev 3 course and then some. Yes, the wind and somewhat chilly weather was a factor, but made it all the more fun. We did get a little lost as some of those country roads were not marked.

We kept reminding each other of "gu-ing". Ya, after a while it was getting comical. Come on, Gu's are not as delicious and tempting as a burger with fries. We tried to keep on the 20-30 minute rule. We both could have used more water. With the wind, you didn't feel the sweat.

The last couple of roads got some really inappropriate nicknames I can not comment on



Rt 64...

Thanks Bendz, lol

We finished the ride at 61.44 miles and 63 squats. Ya, we were out there for over 4hrs...

After stretching, it was the like, FOOD!! Where can we get something to eat??!!!

Nothing better than an egg and cheese sandwich, my favorite 1/4 Blueberry pound cake (bendz!) and another cup of HOT Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Well, Mother's day was not over yet....off to a 5:15pm soccer game.

And the day would not be complete without a late night run to the grocery store so Monday's lunches could consist more of than just a piece of bread and a carrot stick.


Monday 5/10

well...I woke up with really no soreness, except for inner/thigh soaz thing. Surprised I can keep my head up, I thought for sure my neck muscles were going to protest.

So I went to the Y at lunch....WOD called for 135lb deadlifts 7x, 95lb squats 7x, and box jumps 7x for a total of 5 sets.

Bendz says the deadlifts hurt her hamstring so I opted not to attempt them and substituted it out for sit ups. I need to ponder over this.

The problem (well more of my not wanting to make it happen, now that I look back) was the box jumps are made up of 10 boxes on a side with the aerobic step...these are in one room and the squat machine is in another room. I could have spent the 7 minutes of moving things but I didn't.

So instead, making it easier on myself I did this....25 sit-ups/15 jump squats with a 18lb bar/ 7 box jumps 5x.

Felt like I cheated myself....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Today almost got away from me...spent the day catching up with Grease and Mary.

Gosh, we sure did have some good laughs, especially in the phone store.

But at 9:47pm, I hit the basement for the WOD...and funny, I was not dreading it.

21 sit-up, 400m run, 18 sit ups, 400m run, 15 situps, etc...15:18.

Should have avoided the late dinner of a good homemade cheese steak. Then tagged on 5x of 1 minute wall squats. These felt fairly easy....hummmmm

I forgot to record Thursday. I did a little switchin around on the plan so I could catch up with some friends....and ya run a ton of not fun errands....

Thursday WOD:

Deadlift 75 lbs 30x....DONE.

Bike 20k...level 13 random for 34:26

Was suppose to do 1000M row, but bumped it up to a 5k instead. My butt bones were killing me doing these. I lost focus while doing this as it was late in the day and just wanted to get outside...but considering I have not used my arms/shoulders in weeks I did it in 22:49

Then I did 3x of 12 back extensions.

yes, and stretched...not long enough probably.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

OK, could it get any more beautiful outside?!

One of my favorite things in the world ..... a deep rich blue sky.

So beautiful outside, yet my WOD was the pool.

My gosh, its been over 2 months since I put on the goggles.

Today was swimming 500yds with no arms........SINK......

Well, I did it....not easy lifting my head out of the water and trying to catch my breath. I had to occasionally use my hand under the water to stabilize me so I could breathe.

I did warn the lifeguard that I will look like a drowning victim, so ignore me and go get a sandwich.

I warmed up with 20 lengths with the arms. I think they were shocked to be in the pool too. Shoulder felt ok.....

Roughly 16 minutes to do 500yds with no arms...I know I can get faster and be more relaxed once I get back into the pool more often.

Warmed down with 10 laps, and boy were my legs and glutes happy to have my arms doing most of the work.

Unfortunately, I had to go back to work.

Sitting at my desk; ice on the shoulder, eating my PB & J and catching glances of the deep blue sky.

A pretty good day overall....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

With the World Cup only 30+ days away, my dept at work is holding a World Cup Penalty Kick challenge. So before my WOD I went to the local park and kicked my 10 penalty kicks. Yes, I was worried about the hamstring but, thankfully the only thing that got angry was the goalie. lol

So today was 4 (95lb) squats, 8 sit-ups, 12 lunges AMRAP for 20 minutes. I made sure I did 12 lunges for each leg. So in total it was 24 lunges per set. I can't remember Max's direction on this, but I was getting really good at counting to 12 over and over again.

After the lunges, my legs were hungry for the squats. At least that's what my mind told them.

The squats were getting tough, but managed to get the 4 squats in without stopping or even better, not dropping the bar. I believe I got in 16 full sets @ 20:16.

I was suppose to row a 10k, but ran out of lunch time & due to the shoulder that is getting better, hopefully those cortisone's shots worked, I only rowed 1000m.

If my doctor visit goes well later this week, then I am strapping the legs to the rower and doing a 5k....If I get through this , then will add on another 5k.

I think I'll start making ice in my ice trays for Friday.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh it's Monday....making another push to get more race entrees for the Miles for Multiple Myeloma 5k/10 road race on June 20th.

Got some great responses.

I am hoping that people are finding happiness in their continued journey of good health and exercise.

Todays WOD was 5 box jumps/10 sit ups/15 squats for 20 minutes. Was able to complete 20 full sets in 20:11. I couldn't just stop at 20 flat, I had to finish what I started.

Talk about focus and determination, I'm there.

I did take the advice of warming up a bit more than I usually do or more often do not do.

I did the arc trainer for 10 minutes to get the legs moving, heart pumping and my favorite, the sweat.

I did throw in 3 sets of 12 back extensions since last week when I did these my back hated me for days.

For now just enjoying my favorite; a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's over....yes my very own pity party.

My injuries are not going to ruin me any more.

I am going to gut it out with what I can do physically, and not worry about what I can't do.

With a little more than 2 months to go to LPIM... I am going to look at "TODAY" on my plan and hit it hard. Anything more than that is overwhelming to me. I have missed some crucial workouts due to the injuries, but no more looking back. Max has adjusted my plan and attitude to get me back on track.

Important to note is I need to be more intense on my warm ups....the first 3-5 minutes of anything i do as a TT, this body is not ready to go at %110. So from here on in, need to get a sweat going before i engage in any TT.

For my own purposes of tracking I need to go back and record some data.

Beach Rock TT = do not take Hill crest cut through so it was 36.85 miles, av speed 16.7 for 2:12 hrs. Felt strong on the long climb.

April 27 = 5k ROW for time....since no arm work allowed Max substituted for every 100M row do 5 jump squats and 5 sit-ups...so I did a set of 50 each for 5x with an 18lb bar. Took 18:34

Yes, driving back from the Y to work, I could barley hold the clutch at a red light. And it felt damn good!

April 28 = no dead lifts so did 30 back squats with 90lbs. For the 1000m Row I did the 25 each 4x of the jump squats and sit ups. Did this with the 20lb bar and took 6:11. Ya, Quads are screaming.

April 29 = WOD 5 sit ups, 15 squats and 15 back extensions for 20 minutes = 16 reps with one set of sit ups. Then hit the stationary bike level 13 random setting for the 1 mile rest..2 mile rest, up to 5 miles and back. yes, I was drenched after this one, but it felt great. Had to get off the bike 3 times during the rest to refill the water bottles. Should have snuck a couple of Gu's into the Y.

1 mile= 2:43....2:36
2 mile = 5:03?... 5:33
3 miles= 8:00... 8:22
4 miles 10:15?... 11:03
5 miles= 13:45... 13:37

Yes I am guilty for not resting the entire time between the miles....need more discipline.

April 30 = REST DAY! (yes, I took one)
Grease thanks for the visit and the delicious tuna fish sandwich.

May 1= 40k bike= rode 26.35 miles...did rt 20..but had to add on to make the 40k. Did it it 1:30hrs. ave speed was 17.4

right after the bike threw in 25 squats/ 25 sit-ups for 4x

May 2 = was feeling a little guilty about missing the April 30 wod...what I can say, that's me. So after daughter's late soccer game, around 5:45 pm I set out on my bike on this very hot and humid day. I was thinking about the 4/30 WOD so instead of the bike 2 miles for time 5x. I climbed rt 309 5x...the last ride up I stayed in the saddle. I gutted it out to the telephone pole at the top and turned around. Sure are a lot of big bugs smacking me, made sure the mouth was closed on those descends. Then just finished the night up a total of 20.40 miles.

Ya, afterwards my daughter says to me, "Mom, people must think you were a weirdo doing that". And I could do was point to my IronMan Lake Placid socks that i had been wearing and pointed to those and gave her the thumbs up.

Feel so good to be back to the old self. I sure did miss me.