I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love the look of an athlete. Their vibrant uniforms, their emotions, their stories, their dedication and strength they use to take care of their physical and mental being. They project such radiance.

So this weekend.....4 different hockey rinks on Saturday and only 1 on Sunday. Let's see where I can make some time for myself to fit in whatever max has in store for me.

So Saturday morning....real pretty snow and I was loving my warm flannel pajamas. GET Moving!

Hummmm, I woke up to some sore legs from the 13.1 run. I glanced at my plan , and OUCH, there was a 30k TT on the bike.

OK, so just do it

I had grab some water bottles, my Ipod and down the basement I went. If i didn't do this I know the mood i was going to be in, being gone to my kids hockey games all day from 10am -11pm. Yes , a grouchy parent, no not at the refs, nor at the players, but at myself.

so I jumped on the bike, my hip flexors were a bit cramped. I need to get on MY bike and not the gym bike as much as I can. What a totally different fit.

Well, here it was ave speed was 14.5, max was 17.4 and done in 1:16:38. Not crazy about the time. I needed to do some standing intervals just to stretch my hip flexors. I actually enjoyed this as I pictured climbing 309 in the short weeks to come.

So Saturday done...I really wanted to sleep with my foam roller, but Paul was against it.

Sunday....I wanted to check out my shoulder/neck siuation. I knew I had missed a 1000yd TT in the swim so i gave it a shot. TT= 15:44:36. I was suppose to swim anyways today with sqats/push-ups, but I know the injury is still there....(ok, I am not going to panic yet) I then went up stairs and hit the back squat sequence so warmed up with 45lb....drum roll please...95/lbs (5x), 115lb (5x), 135lb (5x), 135 (5x), 145 (5x). Next time I am going for more weight. Some one remind me, please.

Something about Rocky Balboa music...love it.

Ok, Now I am off to my own ice hockey game. Looking forward to the nasty sweat and always, BACK CHECKING!

Tonight I am sneaking in my bed the foam roller.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I had to re-blog myself today.

I deserve it.

So I headed to the basement to run 13.1 TT ...I wasn't nervous. I just felt I needed to redeem my spirit, and so I did.

I usually love running outside, with no music, but today with the snow and ice, I decided against it. I grabbed 3 Gu's, 2 water bottles and my Ihome.

Put on "shuffle" for my IPOD, TR incline 1, and started out at 7.3mph, let the journey began.

As the miles came and went, I sure did alot of thinking..."life is real", "shit happens", love my kids',etc....

As I neared the 8 mile mark, I mentally knew, 5 miles left. I can do 5 miles...I was on auto pilot which was great, cause usually this doesn't happen for me on the TR.

So with 3 miles left, I realized i had some left in the tank....I turned it up a notch or two and by the last 2 miles I may have been up to 8.1-8.3 mph.....BUT, then small cramps were attacking the calf muscles. Uh-oh...I kept telling myself to relax and just finish. My quads and hamstrings felt strong, my breathing was not an issue, my form felt great but.......arrgggg!

By the last 1/2 mile or so, my toes were gripping the bottom of my sneaker as the calf muscles became angry. I wasn't going to push the stop button.

I had 1 gu per half hr, but not enough water and didn't even consider salt tablets. This is an area that Max is going to jump in and help me with this Spring.

DONE....1:42, I was redeemed!

I may not be an Ironman yet, but I am back to being an Ironman in training.
WOW, what a roller coaster ride! I wish it was the Superman at 6 Flaggs, but unfortunately its more on the emotional side. On Wednesday around 4pm, I was celebrating happy hour at my desk with chocolate, not one , not two, but let's say I woke up the next morning with a sugar hangover.

Not to justify it, but I am not alone on this roller coaster ride as another friend of mine ate half the batter of brownies and then continued to eat 4 after they were cooked. We spoke to each other on the phone this morning and gave each other the re-assurance of getting back in the saddle.

I know part of my landslide comes from my right shoulder/neck area being extremely sore. So I had to put off my date with "Fran" and the pool. I am starting to panic even though Max has told me not to worry. But I wish it was easy as pushing the "easy"button.

So today, it's snowing out. Real pretty, but I wanted to run my 13.1 TT today outside. I am trying to not look back on my training plan and freak about missed workouts, but its difficult.

Yesterday, I just needed to blare my music and make some nasty sweat. The bikes were taken so I decided to bang out an hr on the eliptical for an hr at level 7. Sorry, Max. I know... i consider yesterday like a mulligan in golf. I then did some sit-ups and squats.

Hopefully next week "Fran" and I can have a date.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So glad I had a 15 minute massage scheduled for today....if it wasn't for that I am not sure I would have left my desk for lunch today...still feeling crappy. And my right neck/shoulder is painful, wish it was just sore, but i may have strained it. Not the end of the world, but sucks. Those awaiting 100 push-ups still haunt me.

Once I got there I just hopped on the open TR. It would have been too easy to just sit my butt on a bike and pedal into no where land and bag the WOD.

But a best friend of mine, is up at Brighams in Boston going through a stem cell transplant. Did she decide to just "bag "all her massive doses of chemo to avoid painful bouts of nausea, or blow off bone marrow tests so harsh to anyone, or take pleasure in sleep less nights in the hospital? NO!

So I warmed up and did the 6x800 on the TR. Speeds were 8.8, 9.2-9.3, 9.5, 9.5, 9.5, 9.5-9.6.

I was rather proud to have accomplished this as I was so close to just throwing in the towel today. So thank u Grease.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Please pass the tissues......I think I am suffering from a cold/headache/aches from yesterday's pool workout. Christina believes she get sick from the pool too sometimes.

Yes, Monday's alarm came way too quick today. Even my coffee did not taste good.

What kinda day was this going to be.....

Due to my dear friend Bendza, she coaxed me into a workout AND lunch after wards at the Y. So I grabbed my gear under my desk and headed out.

Not a happy camper, as I knew I had from yesterday's missed workout the 50 step/40 box/30 sit ups/20 push ups/10 burpees for 2x for time...I am in the ballpark of 13:00 - 14:00, I messed up the multiple lap counters...hate buttons! Looking forward when I am feeling better to crush this time.

Today was suppose to be 100 push-ups for time, but did not want to just go through the motions, so saving that for a non-tissue day. Better be soon!

And Bendz, we made sure those box jumps got a grunt or two out of us. I think they were as high as Mt Everest, right?!

Well the real WOD of the day was surviving a 10hr plus workday, my mother in laws cooking and my daughter's ice hockey practice.

Nothing like the smell of Biofreeze to sooth me to sleep.
Sunday February 21

I became a kid again for 1 hr this morning. My daughter's hockey team needed players as they were up against a u19 team. Lucky #13 I wore....lucky not so sure...I tripped over the blue line, almost whacked my head back checking and then got on the score sheet, no, not by scoring but getting a penalty. My daughter still lives with me, so I guess I wasn't that much of an embarrassment.

That was fun...

So now back to the training plan...

150 Wall Balls....since my gym doesn't have the high ceilings nor the 12lb ball, according to Max use the 25lb weight that goes on the bars and squat and push it over the head. Arms were not happy but was able to complete this in 6:47

Since I had my own hockey game at 4:45pm, I avoided the 50/steps, box jumps, burpess, sit up, push up, etc.... but I wanted to get the swim in. I hate it (actually get nervous/anxious) when I fall behind on the plan, so learning to move things around.

Glad the swim wasn't a time trial (20x50yds with :15 rest) but after doing the wall balls, my arms were not as bad as I thought they would have been. I actually felt stronger in the pool today then I did when I had to swim my 500yd TT. Crazy....

Hot Shower here I come!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday, February 20

It was a day filled with hockey oh, and a car load of teenage girls screaming to music, at least they think it's music. After a long drive to New Haven, I knew I had a small window to get on my bike.

I jumped on the bike around 2:40pm in the basement, rode 30TT on small ring/15 average speed was 15.6 with a max of 17.8 getting me to 7.84 miles.

Not sure how good that is. no time to think, then I literally changed out of my sweaty wear and head for the Farms to play in my own 3:45pm ice hockey game.

LOVE back checking!

150 Walls balls will be my wake up call tomorrow.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Great day with the kids and some friends tubing at Woodbury Ski Area, but gee I think the bright sun /fresh air and of course the crap (yes, Easter Whopper eggs already!) I ate lead to a disastrous WOD.

Let me just blog it and be done....15:21 with one push of the stop button for a few seconds....total guilt came over me as the seconds ticked away....I could blame it on the fact I felt my feet near the end of the TR and didn't feel like pulling a Shaun White and banging my chin.

Reality is ...poor nutrition and lack of sleep.

Another bad habit of mine is biting my lower inside lip on tough workouts. I thought how could I have these can cor soars in my lower mouth but I finally put 2 and 2 together. When things got tough( on the bike especially) I was biting my lower inside of my mouth, and then occasionally sticking my shirt in my mouth and chewing on that. Real attractive....

Maybe i should end this blog stuff, its been not even a week, but it keeps me honest with myself.

Time for an attitude adjustment.

It's 6:36pm on a Friday night, wonder if the kids would mind if I went to bed now?!!!

Can't wait for the sun too rise tomorrow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ok, those lunges from last night did not keep me from getting out of bed, but the biking today was not so easy. I did the bike at the gym on random/level 13 with 33 minutes plugged in...I did follow the WOD 5 on/1 off, 10 on/1 off, then 15 on....managed to put in 11.27 miles. I did get the sweat I missed yesterday, but not a "happy sweat" if there is such a thing.

then moved to the pool....struggled here too. My arms must have been tired from the power yoga the day before.... we did a lot of plank/push-ups stuff (ya, some yogie I am, dont even know the right terms)....but the breathing was tough too....7:37.

Tomorrow's a new day......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

250 Lunges......

DONE....6:49...no stops

I wonder if I walked them instead of doing them in one spot, my time would have been less....next time.

I did power yoga at lunch time, not a lot of sun salutations, phew.

Missed the sweat today, but I am sure I will make up for it tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Treadmills either love you or hate you....today mine played mind games with me. I started out strong and was determined to kill this run of 20 minutes on random/level 1....after getting it to 8.6 - 9.0 mph, the TR started having a mind of its own, the speed kept shortening out going up and down to 8.0 At my work gym, the trainer said they were having problems....so of course I want a "do-over" NOW, but I know that is against Max's rules....I did bang out 2.97 miles.

Then I moved on to the 10-1 reps of 24inch box jumps/burpess/sit-ups....are burpess called burpess cause sometimes you burp up what you had for breakfast?! I knew I had 15 minutes left on my lunch hr and so debating on whether to save this WOD for tonight....no way, had to coach ice hockey..so dug deep and did it in 9:17. Amazing when you are crunched for time what you can get done.

Finished the night with shoveling and chocolate covered strawberries.

250 lunges tomorrow...buying Advil in the morning before work.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, February 15

Here I go.....

A new ride for me....I have never thought I'd blog myself. Gee, I still don't even have a real cell phone and face book and twitter? What's that?! Outside of all this technology I find this blog helpful to focus on my performance both mentally and physically as well as receive feedback from others making this IronMan journey. So here I go...

Today...thrusters and burpees = OUCH! The thrusters were tough, "grunting tough", glad the gym was fairly empty. As I got down to 12, 9, 6, 3, I as able to continue with out interruption. So glad it was only the 45lb bar, otherwise I am not sure I would have been able to drive home, never mind untie my sneakers. And the burpees....the push-ups were rough due to the 70 push-ups and swimming from yesterday. But the jump though with the feet, I need to focus on pulling them straight through....i seem to not do this and my feet burn on the inside..weird I know.

Looking forward to sleep and a good night for USA in the Olympics.