I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, July 30, 2010



Its been a whirlwind since I have blogged. I left last Thursday morning for Lake Placid and finally have arrived home. Oh yea, and I am walking. lol

Where do I start??? so many emotions, so many friends and family members to thank and tell them I made it.....and then those who may not personally know me or I know them, yet knew of my journey and wanted the best for me.

Paul....you don't read this stuff, but I have to include you. That note you left me.....I'll cherish that forever. And thank you. When do my golf lessons start?! lol

So thank you all.

But Bendz and Grease, you have been with me through this whole journey talking many times a day. I won't get into it all, but hell, let's go out for some pizza and beer! You guys earned it!

So the days leading up to LPIM...

Let's just say I am a person who wanted the race now....hangin up there for 3 days and attending athlete meetings, walking around town looking for pasta, not pastries, checkin out other athletes bikes, body's, running forms, etc. can totally mess with your mind. I had to remind myself I was just as prepared as every one else.

So Sunday morning at 5am...and No, I did not sleep well, have had dreams for months, but went to the hotel breakfast with my family (ya, they were nervous too) and gulped down oatmeal.

Then headed down to transition for body marking, checkin out my bike, pumping tires, loading up water bottles,etc.

Yes, family was intact too.

Headed down to the swim..got in the LONG line for the port'o'potties. Got a laugh out of a lady that came up to meet her husband in line and said "holy crap this is a long line"...we started laughing.

Christina and I were walking to the mats to activate the chips to start our journey. We both seem rather calm and I know we believed in one another.

It was at this point that I needed to believe in myself or not....was I going to sell myself short or not....pickin the spot to start the swim.

I needed to believe in my mind, body and spirit.

So I got where Max had instructed me to go....a little ways back from the front nearest the buoys.

At LPIM, there is a yellow cable....yes, tiny cable that runs the length and attaching the line of buoys. If you can sight that throughout along with 3000 other friends you may encounter a fast swim time.

So the star bangle banner played and looking at the clock it was 6:59...1 minute to the cannon went off. I felt calm, confident, excited, and took a few last deep breaths. I did not want to be anywhere else but where I was.


Off we went....swimming with 3000 friends is like playing rugby in a washing machine.


I did try to stop and breath early on, but learned quickly I did not like getting stampeded.

It was jam packed the whole way.

So I made the first loop in 45:45 after exciting the water and running on the beach for loop 2.

I decided to try and grab sight of the yellow cable, and I DID! As i was swimming it , i then decide i wanted to "own it", it was going to be mine...as swimmers invaded my area I remember trying to karate kick them out of the way.

When you thought you had open water, within seconds it was taken away by other swimmers.

Just owning that yellow cable, If I could have smiled under water I would have. I am sure the scuba divers underneath could see my face beaming with pride.

I excited the water with a total swim time of 1:13.....my husband and kids were screaming for me with huge smiles on the faces.

Yahoo, Mommy survived the swim!


"Grigs! Grigs!!"

There was Bendz in her bright green volunteer shirt screaming to me. I got into the woman's changing tent we hugged and then she sat me down and started ripping open my bike gear bag. Her heart was racing a mile a minute, she was beyond excited for me. I told her to relax, don't hurry, I got a long day ahead of me. I was still on cloud nine from the swim and coming out alive.

We then hugged probably fifty times before she shooed me out to the bike.

Because I volunteered last year, I took advantage of riding 1 loop of the course. So I knew what was ahead of me.

Before mentioning the hills and climbs, it was the beauty of the mts, the greenery, the quarries, everything I love about riding my bike was right here at Lake Placid.

Yes, leaving town, crazy fans screaming and yelling. I had to remember the advice Kris and Max had given to me.... that the ride should not feel like a race. You can not go balls to the walls on the bike because the marathon run will not happen if you do.

So the rain started, and bikers were hauling butt trying to get up the hills leaving town. I stayed in the saddle and stayed focus with the advice and thinkin, these guys are, OK ....stupid.

So packs and packs of bikers... I wish I had my camera...with the beautiful array of colorful biker outfits, the mts, the greenery, the rivers, it was snapshot I'll never forget.

So with the rain and my skinny little tires i was cautious on the long decent. I was really hoping not to witness a crash. At the end of this decent were emergency vehicles waiting....enough said.

So the ride.....wow. jam packed... I was having the time of my life out there. Ya, bikers were passing me, but I was passing some too. That's not what it was all about.

Yes, the climbs were tough, but I felt great on them. Having rode Rt 309/rt20/Beach Rock I was definitely prepared. OK and suffering through 300 -500 squats occasionally I was not lacking any confidence.

There was a point by White Face mt that I had a moment to not want to quit but to remind myself that this was going to be a long day....it was not a 70.3 and that the run was not right around the corner.

Near the end of the first loop, it was crazy riding by all the people, cheering and screaming. I rode by my tent of fans as they were screaming for me. I swung into the bikes special needs area ands refilled my Bento box of more Gu's.

My nutrition on the bike was Gu's every 20 minutes and 18 oz of water every hr. Salt tablets every hr if I needed them. I was on track.

Still no sign of Grease and Mary....humm

2nd loop of the bike...I got up to Christina and we both had stitches in our side. Ya we needed too pee. She shooed me away so she could concentrate. We both had huge smiles on our faces as we were both fulfilling a dream.

Made it into town and rode by my "fan tent" covered in grease since I dropped my chain 3 times and Gu guck was sticking to my back of my leg, ripping the skin off.

no sign of Grease and Mary....really worried....her mom, their ride...But my husband and kids were screaming with excitement.

Biking up over the Olympic Oval with all colorful flags, the music, the crowds, was amazing.

I got up to the dismount and hopped off.... I had made it. But OUCH, those biking shoes were killing my feet to walk in... I remember saying to a volunteer, after taking them off that they hurt more than high heels. Hey, no laughin! Ya, I never wear high heels either!

Coming into town, again, greatest feeling, fans were screaming. I peeked into the woman's changing tent and screamed "Hey Benz!". Her big brown eyes, she looked up at me with a huge smile.."GRIGS!!" Since she was doing her job helping out other athletes, I went over to another chair to get ready for the 26.2 run, and out of the corner of my eyes, Bendz comes barreling over to telling the volunteer, pretty much, get lost, I got this lady! I was laughing and smiling. And surprise surprise, Bendz sister , Kate and her daughter B were there helping out..yes I posed with Bendz for pictures.....finally Bendz kicked me out.


Wow, legs not too bad. Going out of town, the crowds were unbelievable!!!

Hey Grease, "My friend does 500 squat!!!" lol

My plan was to walk at every aid station to hydrate. My nutrition was to have cola every 3 miles. That would be my 300 calories to keep me running. Yes, this was Max's protocol and I had full confidence it would work.

River Road....I wish I had known the run rt prior. There was a turn around but I did not know where it was and had no idea of the terrain.

As I past each aid station I either had my water or cola depending on what mile it was.

Coming back into town there was a big hill and I really had to go.....ya "go"....so I did. Sure it felt great but those who know me know that I will bronze these sneakers along with the "pee pants" from the MMRF Dance Party! lol

Legs were feeling ok...no cramping anywhere, not even in the stomach. Ran by my "fan tent", high fiving all of them and still no Grease and Mary. I not only needed to see them, but so wanted them to be there.

Loop 2.....ok...yes, it was getting harder. My right Achilles and bottom of my feet began to become very uncomfortable. I again was trying to make it to every aid station...but then it became make it to that pole then you can walk....it was weird though...hardly anyone was walking! At the Rev 3 half ironman back in June, there was a quadruple amount of people walking.

At one of the aid stations I came across my kids volunteering passing out water, Gatorade,etc. One of them ran beside me for a few yards as the other one said to me (and yes, i gave her permission months before the event to encourage me) "Kick some ass MOM!" I am not so surprised she remembered to shout it out. LOVE my kids!

I kept moving....did alot of thinking and takin it all in...yes, i was doing it, and going to finish no doubt.

I hit the port to potty 2 times on this loop....mainly checkin my urine to see how hydrated I was. So far so good.

At mile 18, I remember throwing my hands in the air saying "YES, I get soda here!" You'd think I won the lottery....I considered it my dinner, as it was getting late.

As I came into town, chuggin up the hill for the last time, I was focused to just keep moving. Yes my legs were tired, but it was more my achilles and bottom of my feet. As I came by my "fan tent"no one was there. They knew enough I was going to see them next at the finish line. As I made the turn around at mile 25 (lame I must say..a few ole ladies sitting in chairs) I was determined to run the last mile in.

As I entered the Olympic Oval , I had my head down not looking around, just thinking to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Also thinking my family/friends must see the girl in pink coming...

I look up and there was Grease and Mary......my heart skipped a beat or two. Grease and I had set out on separate, yet similar journeys this year. We both were challenged in so many ways both physically and mentally, yet we stayed focused, never gave up, and where there for one another every step of the way.

I ran by slapping their hands in a high five as I continued on to the finish line.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am so excited to get up to LP....can not take another day wandering around aimlessly.

WOD was my version of Helen at 70%....row 500/run 400m/20lb 21kb swings

I was excited to get in the zone again with my IPOD and do the WOD...sure it didn't take long, but to do what I love to do....felt great.

Ya the shoulder is a nagging thing, but the swim is..well lets say I am more worried about a broken nose and a black eye from any of the 2800+ athletes. Not on purpose of course.

Left the Y and went for an hr massage. Marie knows this body and sure works it where it needs it. We laugh and have such good conversations. She was so complimentary of the muscle tone ....so not use to this stuff.

So over the past few days some quick thoughts shared to me from my friends...

"preparedness brings opportunity" -thanks "supervisor" Grease

"move from the heart" -KS

"tell your body how grateful you are and move with grace"- Marie

"you can do this" -everyone!

"tick tock tick tock"- Bendz (your turn is coming!)

last minute advice from Kris...thank you.

and tonight last Hoorah calls (seeing that I never have my cell phone on) from friends who won't see me till it's over.

Well, here I go....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is CRAZY!!!! Ya, a good crazy but sick crazy!!!


Because yesterday was a rest day, I spent my lunch hr at the store picking out my breakfast/snacks/lunch/snacks/dinner/ after dinner snacks and hopefully not a mid-night snack for LP. Yes, consisted of Gu's, Gu Chompers, and gee, more Gu's.

Have been doing a lot of thinking of the special needs bags....Looks like I am going with PB&J and pretzels, and salt sticks/endurolytes. Yummy....

So the WOD was 3 sets of back squats 5x with 70% of normal weight.

I escaped to the Y so as to not run into anyone at my work gym asking me the obvious.."are ya ready?" "nervous??"...

So squats were 105lb/105lb/115lb/115lb/115lb...

Weird not leaving the gym floor in a lake of sweat.

But I know that's coming.

So with a time to kill, ran to the store and got some ice cream and paid a quick visit to Bendz and the kids. I am so grateful to have her there in LP. She is an unbelievable friend and it sucks I have to share her. lol

Grease, thanks for the call this morning. I think this was were I sweated the most today. I have my hive cream by my side 24/7 now. lol

"All's Good"....So Grease, if you are reading this blog, I know you faced your stem cell transplant straight on even though you were full of fear, anxiety, etc. but with one hell of a fighting attitude. I am again, grateful to have you and Mary coming to LPIM to share in an end to my long journey. You consistently, even on your worse days this past winter, always encouraged me to get my workout in. As I have said before, you constantly have me shooting for the moon, but even if fail, I still land among the stars.

ok, I am exhausted.....time to play with my kids.

I think I'll invent as well as introduce "tackle" hop scotch.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Every time I remembered to blog these past few days, I was already showered , in bed with my book and the best... air conditioning.

Well, less than a week...total mess today. Did not sleep at all last night.

Had a great weekend. Kept myself busy physically, but mentally it was very hard to think of anything but, Am I ready?? Can I finish?? The swim is going to beat me up. Flat tires...etc.

So let's see, going back...

Thursday 7/15

What was the WOD....oh ya, 500yd swim TT.. that's right my arms were tired and I thought this sucks...7:48. Later that day went to Brownstone Park and enjoyed the quarry with its zip lines, inflatable water activities and great company.

Friday 7/16 WOD

was a 10k.

The rte I ended up doing was 6.7, finished up in 50 minutes or so. Wore the fuel belt and kinda liked the sucked in feeling of not jiggling all over the place. Knowing the feeling from past events, the bloatedness from taking in all those Gu's, water, powerbars, etc...I think I am going to pack this in my special needs bag for the run. I can carry water, Gu's and have it when I need it.

Saturday 7/17 WOD

was 45 minute bike TT at 80% effort =10.87 miles.

I had decided to get outside on my bike instead of the basement or gym. On my route, I ended up seeing a dear friend, Maria who had survived breast cancer and we reminisced about some good times and got caught up laughing.

Getting outside on the bike felt great. I do love my bike.

Sunday 7/18 WOD

20/20/20 EASY of each sport

Since the Y pool didn't open till 11am....I biked, then ran then hit the Y. It was early in the morning and a ton of bikers were out. I kept telling myself to go easy but then again my competitive side wanted to pass everyone. Most of the bikers were weekend warriors and were enjoying conversations and the scenery. As for me, I was thinking about 112 miles and all that goes with it.

Ended the day with the family kayaking and a yummy dinner.

Monday 7/19 WOD

watching the weather channel (thanks Christina! lol)

Today is a rest day. Going to run some errands on my lunch break.

Probably will just end up walking in circles in what ever or where ever I go.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Really, only 10 more days till LPIM?!

So hard to focus...so much going on in my life and with many of my good friends. Unfortunately not all good. Makes me want to go into lock down at home to shelter my precious family.

Again, unfortunately life must go on...

Well, ya, I am an emotional personal...love life to its fullest and want the best for everyone.

OK, so the WOD was 10,20,30 rep rounds of box jumps/squats/20lb KB swings/burpees.

I was running late with work and my my lunch hr was becoming more and more extinct.

Yes, a bit panicked, but saw the plan and figured I could bang it out and get back to work. No way was I going to get to it tonight. It was either now or bag it. I wonder if at 7pm when I got home, would I really have bagged it....probably not. Would have never slept. Who sleeps anyways? No... me nervous?! lol

So grabbed the late shuttle to the gym, and did the WOD in 11:19.

Legs were tired and I can't use the adjective I want to to describe the burpees.

Looking forward to the swim tomorrow.

Bring on the taper....( I think)

Ended my night with Angie & Freddie and some good laughs.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It rained today.....I love to run in the rain.

Instead, I am going for a walk in a few minutes.

The WOD was 20kTT at 80% = 37:02

and then 5 sets of back squats for 3x


Hit the showers and back to work.

I was jonsing for a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch today...but settled for yesterdays turkey/spinach I never ate.

So yes, chowed one for dinner.

Off to sing and dance in the rain.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh Monday......

Bendz surprised me at work with a delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee and 2 adorable kids. Oh and some fresh home grown/made blueberry cobbler. yummmmy.

WOD was swim 3x800yds (75%, 85%, 95%) with 3 minutes rest in between and 300 squats for time.

As soon as I got in the pool the YMCA campers came in so I started my first 800yd forgetting to time it.

I have a very hard time with these percent things when it comes to swimming....75%, OK, so you go slow so that you know that your next 800, you have to go a little faster, but not too fast that your last is a train wreck.

I guess today I only had an on and an off switch.

My 85% was 9:38 and my 95% was 9:25....

As for the 300 squats, got those done late tonight, but DONE....6:47.

Thighs were burning.

Off to finally finish reading Born to Run.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday morning coffee....love it.

Last night at 11pm, i could not sleep... I was starving and could not chill out...so had a bowl of cereal, watched the late night news, then tossed and turned the rest of the night.

The WOD was suppose to be the pool, but psychologically I needed to do the run workout from this past Thursday that I opted out on and took a rest day.

Later today Grease and I were suppose to meet for a late lunch and some good laughter, so I hit the H.S. track for the 2x800 with 30 sit-ups 4x for time.

It was pretty hot out by now, but no excuse.

Warmed up by walking a lap, then just had to get right into it.

The track and I have a hate/love relationship...

I knew on paper the WOD looked not so bad, but doing it was another story.

After yesterdays WOD, my legs were like tree trunks.

Half my mind was telling me to sprint while the other half was telling me to pace myself.

At least my mind wasn't telling me to bag the whole thing and go have lunch and a few beers.

I did it in 18:25...don't feel great about it.

Lunch never happened either....her Mom fell and broke her hip. Poor kid...going through some tough stuff right now...back up to Dana Faber this week. I pray for encouraging news.

So the rest of the day I wanted to escape on my bike and just go....just ride and ride.

But I opted for a walk instead. Yes, this took some huge discipline to keep the bike inside.

2 weeks from today... I better check on my hotel reservations.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

OK, my alarm did not wake me up, but Freddie did calling me at an early hr....I actually had to laugh about it. So then just got up, hopped into the Jeep and headed to Dunkin Donuts for that extra special coffee I only get on the weekends.

Got some chores done...washing walls, windows and curtains. How funny, Paul asks me after washing the curtains if I could try and get them back up within 3 days. I laughed and smiled, he knows me too well.

OK, so my mind is preoccupied. lol

So after lunch I headed to the Y to bang out the WOD.

45 minute TT on the bike. I cranked up the tunes and talk about sweaty...Ewwwwe, even I was a bit grossed out. I finished with 16.6 miles.

The other WOD was 5 push-ups/10 sit ups/15 squats total sets in 20 minutes.

I grabbed the bosu ball to do the push ups...grabbed my place on the mat and took in some strange looks as I slip and slided all over the place. Was the air conditioning even on?!

I cranked out 25 complete reps in exactly 20 minutes. The sit-ups got tough, but the squats continued to stay strong. As for push-ups...these were not bad. I felt strong considering I have not done these in some time.

Yes, my shoulder was a little stiff when I was done so popped some aleve and iced it when I got home. Will see how it feels later and make adjustments if neccessary.

I am wiped out....so tonight I am unplugging the phone. lol

2 weeks from tomorrow.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Not sure about everyone else, but I am wiped out....wiped out from the heat, putting in the last 2 days of 11+ hrs at work, worrying about a friend who's dad has cancer, and the mental exhaustion of knowing I have an Ironman in 16 days.

Yesterday was a rest day....no, the plan did not say that , but I woke up with my eyes half shut and still by 1pm they were half shut. Because I made a small comment about "possibly" kayaking to the kids, they immediately ran and got the boats ready. No turning back now... yes it was beautiful on the river, but I sabotaged myself with bad food choices.

So today I woke up, ughh 5:30am..damn alarm....and before even getting out of bed, decided to take charge of this mind of mine that is all over the place...."Can I do this ironman?" "what to do to not be so tired"..."what to eat for breakfast"..."when to do today's WOD?"..."laundry"...."cleaning"....."kids".......Calgone take me away!!! lol

Well, I had my coffee, and immediately hit the basement for my WOD. I did the 5k bikes 4times that was suppose to have been done yesterday.


so far so good....yes, I was tired (again) but was not going to let that defeat me ....

doing the WOD early was a great way to start my day.

tommorow its suppose to rain....yipppee! and guess what...no alarm clock.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saturday 7/3...

Road trip to VT for the holiday weekend with Bendz and the gang. I was a little stressed thinking about how and when to get in the WOD...but it all worked out.

Today was suppose to be a 60K (37.28 miles) bike TT but moved this to Monday 7/5. So instead both Bendz and I did Sunday's 7/4 WOD which was kick 200yd, 20 squats for time.

Yes, being a holiday weekend, the lake was pretty crowded. Just setting the stage for squats on the beach in bathing suits. lol

We grabbed the kick boards and estimated if we swam buoy to buoy down and back 4 times it was approx 200 yds or a smidgen more.

So off we went...fighting waves, wind, kayakers, paddle boats, sun glare and stares... we did it.

My hip flexors were becoming sore so Bendz told me to kick from the hips. So here I am, shaking it all and trying to move in the water. My left foot got cramped on top as it was stretched for over an 1 hr in the same position. I must be doing something wrong. Sure miss my arms.

After the 4 times down & back, we swam to shore and did the 20 squats. Squats were a relief, believe it or not. We did this repetitive sequence 5x which lasted for about 1:16.

Our last set of squats, we bang out 50. I have kept this "G" rated as you can imagine the comments we were receiving from our hubby's as they sat on the beach and watched.

Glad this was over, this kicking stuff... plain ole sucks

Finished the day off at the Long Trail Brew House and the sampler.

Sunday 7/4...

After making breakfast for 9 (yummy too, thanks Bendz!) and then packing up lunches for 9, we set off for the parade and pool for the day.

Made sure my sneakers and gear were packed as well.

I moved my Tuesday 7/6 WOD to today.

After the parade , it was time for the 1st WOD which was 5k run.

Todd and I broke away from the pool and laced up & out we went. We ran on a dirt road out 15 minutes and back 15 minutes...so beautiful with the greenery, mts and blue sky. My legs felt pretty good on the way back. Still takes me some time to warm-up. Good run and conversation Todd, thanks.

After hangin at the pool, (yes, Bendz,I still think you beat Paul in the splash contest!) it was time to do the 2nd WOD.

We grabbed some gravel in the drive way, set out our towels for the sit ups and off we went. Of course we had an audience or I should say more of distractions with Paul, Todd and the 5 kids.

So 10 lunges (10 on each leg)/10 squats/10 sit ups. I think we did 25 sit-ups as the closer. It was approx. 5:29minutes

To make a little fun out of all this, Bendz hoisted Trin sideways on my back as I squatted with her. Then individually we added Linc, K, then M. The kids were having a blast with this as we were too.

Cross fit can be done anywhere and with anything.

Monday 7/5...

After arriving home from VT, I had to chill. Felt car sick and wiped out. Today, I needed to do Saturday's 's 7/3 WOD which was a 60k TT on the bike.

Made myself some lunch, then had to deal with a family/friend emergency, then planted flowers, did laundry, cleaned bathrooms, yes, I was procrastinating in some way. It was pretty hot out, but Mother Nature I am sure will have her way with me at LPIM...

It was 4:30pm and time to ride. I grabbed 2 Gu Shot blocks, 2 bottles of water and some money for water along the ride. I planned my rt to hit shade, water and some hills.

I powered through the ride. My fear in doing this ride was holiday traffic and sadly encountering drunk drivers. This was constantly on my mind, as my pedals, turned and turned.

I made my way out to Riverton, cruising through the American Legion forest, enjoying the beauty of the Farmington river, fisherman, tubers from Satan Kingdom, and lake MCcdonugh.

I thought if I needed more water I could fill up from the river, but then again, didn't want to risk the chance of getting a urinary track infection.

I felt great on the bike, enjoyed the beauty of the late afternoon and even felt strong on the climbs.

The ride ended up being 39.43 miles with an average of 18.2 mph in 2:09hrs.

Came home a sweaty, dirty mess, but loved every minute of it.

Tuesday 7/6...

Today I did July 5th WOD....5 sets of 3 back squats.


I am psyched I covered the WOD over the long holiday weekend and was able to stick with the plan, I just had to maneuver some days/WOD around.

Tomorrow I am back on track.

19 more days...

Friday, July 2, 2010

OK, I still am going to say it...

What a beautiful day!

Come on, after last summer's weather...cold...rain...cranky people.

Hit the lake today with the Wunderle clan...we always have fun and reminisce about the good times from Rhode Island.

Of course Christina and I chatted about LPIM....other than feeding kids breakfast...snacks..lunch..snacks..dinner..dessert.. snacks, LPIM is constantly on our minds.

Yup, only 23 days...

So today WOD was 5x800 with 3 minute rests.

After the lake, it was time to hit the track. I hate speed work...on foot especially.

Here it is:


Hard to pace myself knowing I have to do 2 laps.

And yes Chrsitina, there was a definite wind coming around those corners by the flags...everytime. They must have installed some natural wind tunnel there! lol

Ok, well I guess it wouldn't be natural if it was installed. lol

Ya, I'm losing it...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

WOW....I almost puked my breakfast this morning.

Today, I knew was going to be a tough workout.

First was the bike tabata....20secs on ...10 off (32x)....It came out to be around 5.30 miles I think...

I then thought about going home and coming back to the gym later, but with kids home, it being a beautiful day, and I did not want that 2nd WOD hangin over my head.

So went ahead and set up my obstacle course with the TR...box jumps...and a variation of wall balls.

Glad the gym wasn't too packed. I was able to maneuver my way around.

So started with 400m run....30 box jumps...30 wall balls (4x) = 21:18

The run was tough but I wasn't going to hit the stop button till I made the 400m....then walking across the gym to the box jumps...these got tough as time went on....the wall balls I used a 12lb medicine ball and squatted and lifted ball over my head. These were the easiest of the 3 disciplines. I was determined not to rest on these. My shoulder needs to hang on for 24 more days.

Phew....I made it through and I gave it my all today.

"the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"