I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today was looooong.

Had to go to NYC for work today. So at lunchtime, I ordered the Tex-Mex omelet...good protein right?!

Well I paid for it later as I hit the Y on my home.

My 10k was 50 minutes. yucky

It was so muggy and humid in the Y tonight. I usually run with my hat, but I had to take it off, I could not cool myself down. I felt like I was the only one dying in there from the heat.

I'm sick of complaining about it to, but my hammy and shoulder are still not 100%.

I felt stronger both mentally and physically after the holidays then I do now.

Max, I need help.

Tomorrow, back to my organic crunchy peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Crappy Monday.....all around.

Let's just say I did my WOD minutes ago in my pajamas

Now I can go to bed without a guilty conscience.

300 squats =8:00....ya, my quads were sore from this past weekends activities.

Tonight a splash of baby powder, brushing my teeth and hitting the sack.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Shout out to 2 of my friends ,Rewind and my "Speedy" friend Christina, that went outside their comfort zone to compete against themselves in their first ever 5k and first ever marathon.

I'm proud of you guys, knowing all the training and preparation it took both mentally & physically to accomplish your goals.


Well, for me it was suppose to be a swim day, but giving my shoulder till April 1st before I test it.

So today, I secluded myself in the basement for 10 box jumps/10 squats/20 sit-ups 8x for time. Nothing spectacular but done in 8:50

My legs were a bit sore, a good sore from the 9 miles from yesterday, so it was good to get them warmed up and move out all the "junk" from my muscles.

The foam roller sure hurt today.

Just got in from hockey. I had to say I had a top 10 Sportscenter goal tonight...no penalties, so Grease, I remembered our conversation from earlier today.

"grigs you can't get hurt, you have your race to train for and I want to go, so its all about me looking forward to seeing you race!"

I know, "grigs, you keep going"......

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today was a typical Saturday....

Got up early, ran out for bagels and coffee, threw laundry in for the soccer uniform that needed to be worn in 2 hours, banged out 300 squats in 7:15, then dropped off kid #1 at a friends, kid #2 & I picked up another friend for soccer, coached a soccer game, then rushed home, gobbled down lunch, left to go get kid #1 at the friends so I can get her to ice hockey practice, then hit the grocery store, then back to help kid #2 with homework, then picked up kid #1 from the rink, made kid #1 & #2 their favorite dip to bring to their friends house so I could enjoy a little "me time"..... that "me time" was going for a run.

Exhausted yet????

Well, I promise I was not trying to procrastinate this run, but I wanted to be able to do it with out the stress of the clock and having to be somewhere.

My plan called for 13.1, but due to some missed runs and my hammy, I set a goal to run 8 miles.

Well, my mind again was strong, focused and determined.

My only concern was running with a slightly tight hamstring, it must effect my running technique and throw things out of whack. My question to myself was now what kind of injury am I going to suffer next?!

I kept putting one foot in front of the other.

Well, I did it....9 miles without a stop.

I needed this confidence booster.

I hope the next time I see 13.1 on my plan, I run 13.2. Why not?!

Near the end of my run, I was actually worried to stop, that it would hurt more to stop and stretch...and yes, stretching is not relaxing.

Tomorrow, it's home made waffles and yes, an x-large coffee, and maybe the Sunday paper.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Today I retreated to the basement for my workout of 8x400 with 3 minutes of rest.

Running with a semi-disgruntle hamstring...hum, I could have easily tip toed back upstairs for another cup of coffee.

But today my mind was determined and focused.

I needed to try.

So I got on the treadmill and ran 2 miles with a some tightness, got off and stretched, then ran another .20, got off and stretched.

I wasn't sure how to prepare my body for these 8 sprints.

So you can image the conversations I had with myself.."just do 1x400, nah, go for 4, suck it up and do the 8, hamstring willing"

So, I did the 8x400.


I was able to pull off some at 9-9.3mph.

OK, I admit I was afraid to rest the 3 minutes in fear of tightening up. So , I cut it a little short, stretch a little and punched the back of my leg to keep it loose. Any suggestions on this ? What's a better way??

I then smothered my foam roller and did some good stretching.

I think I will embrace today and deal with tomorrow's challenge tomorrow.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can April really be next week?!

I am excited to get outside on my bike, but I really have enjoyed the solitude of my basement along with some good sweat, tears, pain and today...pride.

My WOD was a huge day on the bike.

Went something like this:

21 squats, 1 mile bike, 15 squats, 1 mile bike, 9 squats, 1 mile bike. Of course this was for time, so of course my feet are fumbling trying to clip in....ridiculous! Time was 11:25.

Then another WOD was this:

bike 3 miles, rest 1 minute

bike 6 miles rest 2 minutes

bike 9 miles rest 3 minutes

bike 12 miles .....embellish in a long, hot shower

I consumed 2 power bars and tons of water.

I have to start experimenting with salt tablets.

Yesterday I forget to report my 10/20/30 of box jumps, squats, sit-ups, and lunges.

Boy ,was I in a bad mood before this, but afterwards even though it was short in time, I was able to handle my afternoon meetings.

And yes, Bendz, I did count out 10 of those blocks to make the box jump 24 inches.

yikes...tomorrow I have to run....hope my hamstring is looking forward to it as much as me.

I love running in the rain.

time to get the munchkins to bed.....and gee, me too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today, I decided while sitting at my desk, my hamstring/glutes would enjoy the pain of a tennis ball. Too bad, they can suck it up.

Today, I did that funny walk between a walk/run/sprint to get the bike at the over populated gym during lunch time.

The WOD called for a 20kTT at 80%.....so did it in 27 minutes.

Then I moved on to 5 sets of back squats 3x...115lb, 135lb, 135lb, 140lb, 145lb.....mad I did not push myself more. I went right after work, ran into the gym felt rushed and out of place. Was in and out in 10 minutes.

Last minute hockey game tonight too. Was worried about my hamstring but stretched it and rolled on my perfume of choice; Biofreeze. Hope tomorrow it will let me run.

I am aware my body for years has been out of whack as far as muscle imbalance and flexibility.

I have done the drill of getting new orthodox/trigger shots/ultra-sounds/exercises, but I am wondering if I should take all the necessary steps in doing it again.

It's so freakin exhausting mentally, physically and yes, financially.

I was handed a business card for a physical therapist today.

I am not giving into the pains and the imbalances, but am trying to work through them with massage therapy, ice, stretching, and newly learned...REST.

Gosh, let me cross the finish at this LPIM.

Monday, March 22, 2010


This is entry is rather unemotional as I am just trying to log it and get some rest. I said rest, not so sure about sleep. So hard to wind down after a beautiful weekend and a crazy day at work. And last week, just too emotional to even go there.

Maybe the rain will lure me to sleep.....

So picking up where i left off:

March 17..WOD= Tabata not too bad. Bike 20K, I actually did 12.40, (ya my kids don't ask me for help on their math) Anyways hit the trainer for 25:22

March 18...WOD = OK this was hard! the 6x5k at 60rpm....I have to say it was not always at 60rpm, as I pushed at different times but i did not once change gears over the sets. So it went like this:

as far as the 5k...hamstrings wouldn't let me..... I ended up walking most of a 10k route. Since then I have been really trying to stretch glutes, hammies, hips, abductors, quads. The roller beat me up.

Also today, I ended up getting a Cortisone shot in my shoulder. So with that and taking 2 Al eve 2x a day for a week, I really, really want that date with Fran before LPIM.

March 20=WOD back squats at 1/2 body weight 30x, not too bad. 20k bike...can't find the scrap paper i wrote it on.....it will turn up, most likely in the bottom of my washing machine. and hockey, we only had 2 centers, so lots of backchekin. My legs were pretty tired even before I stepped on the ice.

March 21 = WOD bike 10k, 3x for time.....put the bike out on the grass and spun as the neighborhood kids played soccer and continuously asked for snacks and water. lol Again, legs were really needing to work. it was 25:51, 25: 07, and 25:31.
Then another night of hockey. We had 3 lines and my left hamstring was working for the opposing team.

March 22....DAY OFF.....well mixed emotions since I do not feel confident in my performances, but again, I am a recovering exercise binger and I need to learn to recover aggressively as I train.

well the rain is calling me, good night, sweet dreams.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The gym is still so packed at lunch time..... Glad to see new year resolutions are sticking.

As I recall, my new years resolution was to believe in my training plan.

Lets just say I am typing with a frozen bag of corn flung on my shoulder.

So I still believe.

I am not giving up despite some setbacks.

Today I was able to grab a bike and rode for 30 minutes to move the legs and later stretching.

Almost made it into a 20k TT but didn't think to do that till later in the ride.

Moments ago, I just wrapped up my day in my basement with 50 standing lunges/10 box jumps and 25 sit-ups 3x.

Tomorrow I am going shopping for a bigger bag of frozen peas.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am back...

Back with the sense of knowing when to say when.

Knowing the signs between pain and soreness.

I am a recovering "exercise binger"

My body says stop and my mind says go...and as a result injuries happen.

So I took time off as recommended by Max, and I actually did it.


I almost had my kids hide my sneakers for 4 days, so I wouldn't be tempted but I was so busy with 9 hockey games in 2 days, that it was easy, well kinda easy missing my WOD.

So today, hum, I decided to not look back and go with the WOD of the day. I warmed up with 30 minutes on the bike then did 5 sets of 5 Back squats.

1 = 90lbs

2 = 110lbs

3= 130 lbs

4 = 145lbs

5= 145lbs

I emailed Christina before I left for the gym and admitted I was sweaty and nervous.

CRAZY, I know.

Ok, so my shoulder is most likely tendonitis, so that will take time to heal. Never fast enough.

Hamstrings, and all those other muscles, I need to STRETCH.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, its 10:05 pm and I just came up from the basement.


I remember saying to myself my plan will test me, but not defeat me.

Don't feel like getting into much detail but bike TT was 27:00 for 12 miles on stationary bike/random/level 13...While riding Mike and I spoke of the Miles for Myeloma race in June. Talking details/sponsors,etc.

So was a bit distracted with my intensity, but for today that's OK.

legs a bit tired from the back squats.

Well 2 of the 6 TR at the gym were broken, then another started going crazy with speeds, so what to do.....Hummmmm.... Looks like no TR for me.....and truth is my left Hamstring is so mad at the world right now.

So hit the elliptical for 30 minutes.

It did feel good to let loose and rock out.

Hit the massage table for 15 minutes in hopes me and my hamstring would kiss and make-up.

So after work tonight, I wanted to try and do the TR to get in my 3x 400m, but my hamstring was not cooperating so I did do the 21 squats/21 sit ups for 3x.

My perfume has been put on the back shelf for now....its all about the Biofreeze and newly; Desitin.

And yes, my late night snack is back to Motrin.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday work day is over!


ummmm, where do I start...weekend jam packed with multiple hockey games, grandma's birthday, workouts, grocery shopping, laundry, watching snow melt, etc.

So Saturday, yes it was BEAUTIFUL out.

How do I explain this one...so my spin tire is on my bike, do I take the 5, OK 15 minutes to change it out or just spin on the trainer??

Well, I grabbed the trainer, threw it outside on the deck and off I went for my 20 mile TT.

As I was riding, I was not feeling guilty, after all, when you are on the trainer there is no time to coast. So had a tough workout.....enjoyed climbing the make believe hills, having the neighbors stare at me, and never was blown over from the breeze.

See the thing with me, riding outside, I need to gain my confidence back from the Fall.

These tri-bikes are so fast and so fun, and the wind along with skittish chipmunks and big squirrels...get my point?

So 20 miles done at 1:18.

Sunday was a pool day....I had just got off the phone with Grease from Brigham's in Boston and she was sounding like herself...feisty, loud, obnoxious, and ready to start her recovery at home from the stem cell transplant.

So that gave me a huge boost to conquer my WOD.

I hit the pool.

I warmed up with 10 laps, then completed 9x100...was suppose to do 12x100, but the shoulder was not going to put up with me today.

I finished a warm down with 1x100 with the kick board.

Then came ice hockey....legs were tired and mind was not really there.

I can pin point it...late night before, bad nutrition, and my shoulder got the best of me today; both physically & mentally.

Finally its now Monday.....

I emailed Max...HELP! I am flipping out...how can I follow my plan without burpees, push-ups, thrusters,etc and still feel mentally and physically in the game?!!!

So for the next 2 weeks, Max adjusted my plan to take out arm related exercises.

Looks like sit ups, box jumps, lunges, squats will become my next best friends.

I know Bendz will love accompanying me on these.

So today was Back squats.....7 of them.

So I warmed up on the bike for 5 minutes.

The squats went something like this....
3x = 90lbs
3x= 110lbs
3x= 130lbs
1x= 170lbs

I think I could have nailed another 170lbs. March 15th I'll get my shot at it again.

My necklace was digging into the back of my neck, gee, that hurt more than the squats!


Going to bed tonight a little more at ease, knowing that my plan tomorrow may test me , but will not defeat me.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Today was a great day, I hung out with Angie. We went to the gym, then went and indulged in our proteins (grilled chicken on salad), fat (french fries, shared of course!) and carb (1 beer..Half Penny...pretty good I must say)

She lives right next to me, but we had so much to catch up on.

OK, my real reasons for blogging, I almost forgot......(not really)

I had to manipulate my plan a little. I ran 4x4oo with 20 squats in between. It was hard and frustrating to time as the TR kept shutting down, just to the point where I had to get the speed back up to 8.8-9.3mph.

The burpies, I believe will be back to haunt me next week. Bring it on!

I had to warm up my ham string for 1 mile and some stretching before I attempted my 4x400.

I ALMOST, wanted to re-run the 45 min workout that turned into an "ugly" earlier in the week, but this is where I needed to be disciplined.

I know tomorrow I have an intimate 20 miler TT with my bike.

Oh, I did get in the pool today...

I was abit nervous, but I know my injury has gotten better. The bone on the shoulder is not tender, but still walking on egg shells, afraid to re-introduce heavier weight baring activities.

I did a 700yd TT...11:09. I'll take it.

I was excited to not have Motrin for an afternoon snack.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grease U rock!

Hearing from you even though you were in between bouts of nauseousness and minutes from a blood transfusion, you wanted to know how my training was going. And you think I am tough?!


Sometimes a call from a dear friend can be all you need to get moving, and moving with determination and a purpose. So thank you Grease.

So my plan asked of me to get on my bike...4x5k increasing effort and decreasing speed.

So I did just that.

My first 5k, I climbed at the 3 mile mark to end

2nd 5k , the climb happened at 2.80 miles to end

3rd 5k, the climb was at 2.40 miles to end

4th 5k, the climb was at 2 mile mark till end

Beach Rock, Look out!

Then my plan wanted 20 box jumps/5 push press/10 burpess with AMRAP in 15 minutes.

OK, there was no way I could bag all of this due to, ya, you know, so I did this:

20 box jumps/25 sit-ups/30 squats with AMRAP in 15 minutes.

Was able to complete 7 sets in 16:00.

Athletes can sometimes really go nuts with their workouts.

The craziest I got today was walking around with a ruler in my house, measuring anything close to 24inches that could support my box jumps. The closest I got was an old toy box in the basement that came in at 18 inches.

Let's just say after, I dug through that old toy box with smiles and bouts of laughter.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I smelled "mud" yesterday.

Yes, mud!

It smelled delicious.

So much that I wanted to roll around in it.

This morning, it was snowing out.

I do love the sight and smell of fresh fallen snow, but I am ready for mud.

I decided the weather has emotions too... Always changing.

So today.....no pool, I forgot until around 11:30, I had a 1pm meeting and still skeptical about my shoulder.

Well I could have talked myself into not having anytime for the gym cause of the lunchtime meeting but I am an Ironman in training. But more so my hamstrings and hipflexors from yesterday needed some comfort.

They were still a bit grumpy.

If I remember, I was going to rest my legs today, but in order to stretch them, I needed to warm them up. So hopped on the bike for 30 minutes.

Then the hard part came, the stretching. OUCH. Spent a good 10 minutes of torture here.

Those kettle balls, so bright and cheery in color were staring at me, but like with my date with Fran, I had to pass.

A good friend of mine said to me today, "grigs, it sometimes takes a breakdown to hit a breakthrough."


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today was about not quiting, not pushing the stop button and not hitting the shower early.

There was no shame in walking.

My left hamstring and hip flexor were throwing temper tantrums today. They do have a right to be a little upset seeing I have not rested them since some time last week. Heck, they got me through my 13.1 run last week, my 30k bike, my hockey game, etc...

Maybe I'll celebrate and give them an extra stretch and a shot of Biofreeze.

So my WOD was to run for 45minutes = 4.91 miles. Yes, ugly.

Sometimes an ugly workout happens.

It's what makes me a true athlete.

Athletes also like revenge.

I think the pool may be a nice place for me tomorrow.

By the way the massage therapist says it's a "little thready". Better than last week.

So maybe 1000yd tomorrow and some squats in between.

"Fran" is going to get a smashing of a date when I am 100%.

For the heck of it, to boost my mood, maybe I'll apply some coconut sun tan lotion.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why do we want our injuries fixed in 3 yesterdays while we can wait 3 tomorrows to throw out the sour milk in the refrigerator?

Patience.......can some one prescribed that in a pill form for me?!

So, I got to the gym, half the company was there.. i did an absolute no-no in Max's book, the elliptical....i really wanted to follow my plan of rowing, kettle balls, and pull-ups but physically it would aggravate my injury. Ya, I am sick of talking about it too.

So I cranked on the elliptical for 45 minutes at level 7, then wanted to test the rower. I did 500m, then got off and took out my frustration on the foam roller. I let it beat me up. Probably the best thing I did today.

Tomorrow I see a massage therapist for 15 minutes, hopefully she can work it and perform miracles.

I do believe in miracles.