I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday morning coffee....love it.

Last night at 11pm, i could not sleep... I was starving and could not chill out...so had a bowl of cereal, watched the late night news, then tossed and turned the rest of the night.

The WOD was suppose to be the pool, but psychologically I needed to do the run workout from this past Thursday that I opted out on and took a rest day.

Later today Grease and I were suppose to meet for a late lunch and some good laughter, so I hit the H.S. track for the 2x800 with 30 sit-ups 4x for time.

It was pretty hot out by now, but no excuse.

Warmed up by walking a lap, then just had to get right into it.

The track and I have a hate/love relationship...

I knew on paper the WOD looked not so bad, but doing it was another story.

After yesterdays WOD, my legs were like tree trunks.

Half my mind was telling me to sprint while the other half was telling me to pace myself.

At least my mind wasn't telling me to bag the whole thing and go have lunch and a few beers.

I did it in 18:25...don't feel great about it.

Lunch never happened either....her Mom fell and broke her hip. Poor kid...going through some tough stuff right now...back up to Dana Faber this week. I pray for encouraging news.

So the rest of the day I wanted to escape on my bike and just go....just ride and ride.

But I opted for a walk instead. Yes, this took some huge discipline to keep the bike inside.

2 weeks from today... I better check on my hotel reservations.

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