I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, July 9, 2010

Not sure about everyone else, but I am wiped out....wiped out from the heat, putting in the last 2 days of 11+ hrs at work, worrying about a friend who's dad has cancer, and the mental exhaustion of knowing I have an Ironman in 16 days.

Yesterday was a rest day....no, the plan did not say that , but I woke up with my eyes half shut and still by 1pm they were half shut. Because I made a small comment about "possibly" kayaking to the kids, they immediately ran and got the boats ready. No turning back now... yes it was beautiful on the river, but I sabotaged myself with bad food choices.

So today I woke up, ughh 5:30am..damn alarm....and before even getting out of bed, decided to take charge of this mind of mine that is all over the place...."Can I do this ironman?" "what to do to not be so tired"..."what to eat for breakfast"..."when to do today's WOD?"..."laundry"...."cleaning"....."kids".......Calgone take me away!!! lol

Well, I had my coffee, and immediately hit the basement for my WOD. I did the 5k bikes 4times that was suppose to have been done yesterday.


so far so good....yes, I was tired (again) but was not going to let that defeat me ....

doing the WOD early was a great way to start my day.

tommorow its suppose to rain....yipppee! and guess what...no alarm clock.

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  1. A. The next 2 weeks is all about YOU!
    B. The next 2 weeks is not about me...damn!
    C. The next 2 weeks will be mentally exhausting but your one tough cookie.
    D. Did I just say cookie? Oh how I would love one right now!
    E. Go to BED!