I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saturday 7/3...

Road trip to VT for the holiday weekend with Bendz and the gang. I was a little stressed thinking about how and when to get in the WOD...but it all worked out.

Today was suppose to be a 60K (37.28 miles) bike TT but moved this to Monday 7/5. So instead both Bendz and I did Sunday's 7/4 WOD which was kick 200yd, 20 squats for time.

Yes, being a holiday weekend, the lake was pretty crowded. Just setting the stage for squats on the beach in bathing suits. lol

We grabbed the kick boards and estimated if we swam buoy to buoy down and back 4 times it was approx 200 yds or a smidgen more.

So off we went...fighting waves, wind, kayakers, paddle boats, sun glare and stares... we did it.

My hip flexors were becoming sore so Bendz told me to kick from the hips. So here I am, shaking it all and trying to move in the water. My left foot got cramped on top as it was stretched for over an 1 hr in the same position. I must be doing something wrong. Sure miss my arms.

After the 4 times down & back, we swam to shore and did the 20 squats. Squats were a relief, believe it or not. We did this repetitive sequence 5x which lasted for about 1:16.

Our last set of squats, we bang out 50. I have kept this "G" rated as you can imagine the comments we were receiving from our hubby's as they sat on the beach and watched.

Glad this was over, this kicking stuff... plain ole sucks

Finished the day off at the Long Trail Brew House and the sampler.

Sunday 7/4...

After making breakfast for 9 (yummy too, thanks Bendz!) and then packing up lunches for 9, we set off for the parade and pool for the day.

Made sure my sneakers and gear were packed as well.

I moved my Tuesday 7/6 WOD to today.

After the parade , it was time for the 1st WOD which was 5k run.

Todd and I broke away from the pool and laced up & out we went. We ran on a dirt road out 15 minutes and back 15 minutes...so beautiful with the greenery, mts and blue sky. My legs felt pretty good on the way back. Still takes me some time to warm-up. Good run and conversation Todd, thanks.

After hangin at the pool, (yes, Bendz,I still think you beat Paul in the splash contest!) it was time to do the 2nd WOD.

We grabbed some gravel in the drive way, set out our towels for the sit ups and off we went. Of course we had an audience or I should say more of distractions with Paul, Todd and the 5 kids.

So 10 lunges (10 on each leg)/10 squats/10 sit ups. I think we did 25 sit-ups as the closer. It was approx. 5:29minutes

To make a little fun out of all this, Bendz hoisted Trin sideways on my back as I squatted with her. Then individually we added Linc, K, then M. The kids were having a blast with this as we were too.

Cross fit can be done anywhere and with anything.

Monday 7/5...

After arriving home from VT, I had to chill. Felt car sick and wiped out. Today, I needed to do Saturday's 's 7/3 WOD which was a 60k TT on the bike.

Made myself some lunch, then had to deal with a family/friend emergency, then planted flowers, did laundry, cleaned bathrooms, yes, I was procrastinating in some way. It was pretty hot out, but Mother Nature I am sure will have her way with me at LPIM...

It was 4:30pm and time to ride. I grabbed 2 Gu Shot blocks, 2 bottles of water and some money for water along the ride. I planned my rt to hit shade, water and some hills.

I powered through the ride. My fear in doing this ride was holiday traffic and sadly encountering drunk drivers. This was constantly on my mind, as my pedals, turned and turned.

I made my way out to Riverton, cruising through the American Legion forest, enjoying the beauty of the Farmington river, fisherman, tubers from Satan Kingdom, and lake MCcdonugh.

I thought if I needed more water I could fill up from the river, but then again, didn't want to risk the chance of getting a urinary track infection.

I felt great on the bike, enjoyed the beauty of the late afternoon and even felt strong on the climbs.

The ride ended up being 39.43 miles with an average of 18.2 mph in 2:09hrs.

Came home a sweaty, dirty mess, but loved every minute of it.

Tuesday 7/6...

Today I did July 5th WOD....5 sets of 3 back squats.


I am psyched I covered the WOD over the long holiday weekend and was able to stick with the plan, I just had to maneuver some days/WOD around.

Tomorrow I am back on track.

19 more days...

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