I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, July 19, 2010

Every time I remembered to blog these past few days, I was already showered , in bed with my book and the best... air conditioning.

Well, less than a week...total mess today. Did not sleep at all last night.

Had a great weekend. Kept myself busy physically, but mentally it was very hard to think of anything but, Am I ready?? Can I finish?? The swim is going to beat me up. Flat tires...etc.

So let's see, going back...

Thursday 7/15

What was the WOD....oh ya, 500yd swim TT.. that's right my arms were tired and I thought this sucks...7:48. Later that day went to Brownstone Park and enjoyed the quarry with its zip lines, inflatable water activities and great company.

Friday 7/16 WOD

was a 10k.

The rte I ended up doing was 6.7, finished up in 50 minutes or so. Wore the fuel belt and kinda liked the sucked in feeling of not jiggling all over the place. Knowing the feeling from past events, the bloatedness from taking in all those Gu's, water, powerbars, etc...I think I am going to pack this in my special needs bag for the run. I can carry water, Gu's and have it when I need it.

Saturday 7/17 WOD

was 45 minute bike TT at 80% effort =10.87 miles.

I had decided to get outside on my bike instead of the basement or gym. On my route, I ended up seeing a dear friend, Maria who had survived breast cancer and we reminisced about some good times and got caught up laughing.

Getting outside on the bike felt great. I do love my bike.

Sunday 7/18 WOD

20/20/20 EASY of each sport

Since the Y pool didn't open till 11am....I biked, then ran then hit the Y. It was early in the morning and a ton of bikers were out. I kept telling myself to go easy but then again my competitive side wanted to pass everyone. Most of the bikers were weekend warriors and were enjoying conversations and the scenery. As for me, I was thinking about 112 miles and all that goes with it.

Ended the day with the family kayaking and a yummy dinner.

Monday 7/19 WOD

watching the weather channel (thanks Christina! lol)

Today is a rest day. Going to run some errands on my lunch break.

Probably will just end up walking in circles in what ever or where ever I go.

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