I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday February 21

I became a kid again for 1 hr this morning. My daughter's hockey team needed players as they were up against a u19 team. Lucky #13 I wore....lucky not so sure...I tripped over the blue line, almost whacked my head back checking and then got on the score sheet, no, not by scoring but getting a penalty. My daughter still lives with me, so I guess I wasn't that much of an embarrassment.

That was fun...

So now back to the training plan...

150 Wall Balls....since my gym doesn't have the high ceilings nor the 12lb ball, according to Max use the 25lb weight that goes on the bars and squat and push it over the head. Arms were not happy but was able to complete this in 6:47

Since I had my own hockey game at 4:45pm, I avoided the 50/steps, box jumps, burpess, sit up, push up, etc.... but I wanted to get the swim in. I hate it (actually get nervous/anxious) when I fall behind on the plan, so learning to move things around.

Glad the swim wasn't a time trial (20x50yds with :15 rest) but after doing the wall balls, my arms were not as bad as I thought they would have been. I actually felt stronger in the pool today then I did when I had to swim my 500yd TT. Crazy....

Hot Shower here I come!

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