I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love the look of an athlete. Their vibrant uniforms, their emotions, their stories, their dedication and strength they use to take care of their physical and mental being. They project such radiance.

So this weekend.....4 different hockey rinks on Saturday and only 1 on Sunday. Let's see where I can make some time for myself to fit in whatever max has in store for me.

So Saturday morning....real pretty snow and I was loving my warm flannel pajamas. GET Moving!

Hummmm, I woke up to some sore legs from the 13.1 run. I glanced at my plan , and OUCH, there was a 30k TT on the bike.

OK, so just do it

I had grab some water bottles, my Ipod and down the basement I went. If i didn't do this I know the mood i was going to be in, being gone to my kids hockey games all day from 10am -11pm. Yes , a grouchy parent, no not at the refs, nor at the players, but at myself.

so I jumped on the bike, my hip flexors were a bit cramped. I need to get on MY bike and not the gym bike as much as I can. What a totally different fit.

Well, here it was ave speed was 14.5, max was 17.4 and done in 1:16:38. Not crazy about the time. I needed to do some standing intervals just to stretch my hip flexors. I actually enjoyed this as I pictured climbing 309 in the short weeks to come.

So Saturday done...I really wanted to sleep with my foam roller, but Paul was against it.

Sunday....I wanted to check out my shoulder/neck siuation. I knew I had missed a 1000yd TT in the swim so i gave it a shot. TT= 15:44:36. I was suppose to swim anyways today with sqats/push-ups, but I know the injury is still there....(ok, I am not going to panic yet) I then went up stairs and hit the back squat sequence so warmed up with 45lb....drum roll please...95/lbs (5x), 115lb (5x), 135lb (5x), 135 (5x), 145 (5x). Next time I am going for more weight. Some one remind me, please.

Something about Rocky Balboa music...love it.

Ok, Now I am off to my own ice hockey game. Looking forward to the nasty sweat and always, BACK CHECKING!

Tonight I am sneaking in my bed the foam roller.

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