I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, February 26, 2010

WOW, what a roller coaster ride! I wish it was the Superman at 6 Flaggs, but unfortunately its more on the emotional side. On Wednesday around 4pm, I was celebrating happy hour at my desk with chocolate, not one , not two, but let's say I woke up the next morning with a sugar hangover.

Not to justify it, but I am not alone on this roller coaster ride as another friend of mine ate half the batter of brownies and then continued to eat 4 after they were cooked. We spoke to each other on the phone this morning and gave each other the re-assurance of getting back in the saddle.

I know part of my landslide comes from my right shoulder/neck area being extremely sore. So I had to put off my date with "Fran" and the pool. I am starting to panic even though Max has told me not to worry. But I wish it was easy as pushing the "easy"button.

So today, it's snowing out. Real pretty, but I wanted to run my 13.1 TT today outside. I am trying to not look back on my training plan and freak about missed workouts, but its difficult.

Yesterday, I just needed to blare my music and make some nasty sweat. The bikes were taken so I decided to bang out an hr on the eliptical for an hr at level 7. Sorry, Max. I know... i consider yesterday like a mulligan in golf. I then did some sit-ups and squats.

Hopefully next week "Fran" and I can have a date.


  1. Guilty! They were damn good brownies too! Why must our emotions make us do bad things when it comes to food choices. I guess we should be lucky that sweets is our downfall instead of smoking, drinking and any other really bad stress reliever habits. I too am glad I have somebody that shares the same ride with me :-)

  2. Stacia - I knew you were the other guilty party! So ya fall of the wagon...just get back on and get going again!

    Sue- great job on getting that 13.1 in today and crankin' it at top speeds! Thx for lunch my friend! Always good to chat!