I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, February 26, 2010

I had to re-blog myself today.

I deserve it.

So I headed to the basement to run 13.1 TT ...I wasn't nervous. I just felt I needed to redeem my spirit, and so I did.

I usually love running outside, with no music, but today with the snow and ice, I decided against it. I grabbed 3 Gu's, 2 water bottles and my Ihome.

Put on "shuffle" for my IPOD, TR incline 1, and started out at 7.3mph, let the journey began.

As the miles came and went, I sure did alot of thinking..."life is real", "shit happens", love my kids',etc....

As I neared the 8 mile mark, I mentally knew, 5 miles left. I can do 5 miles...I was on auto pilot which was great, cause usually this doesn't happen for me on the TR.

So with 3 miles left, I realized i had some left in the tank....I turned it up a notch or two and by the last 2 miles I may have been up to 8.1-8.3 mph.....BUT, then small cramps were attacking the calf muscles. Uh-oh...I kept telling myself to relax and just finish. My quads and hamstrings felt strong, my breathing was not an issue, my form felt great but.......arrgggg!

By the last 1/2 mile or so, my toes were gripping the bottom of my sneaker as the calf muscles became angry. I wasn't going to push the stop button.

I had 1 gu per half hr, but not enough water and didn't even consider salt tablets. This is an area that Max is going to jump in and help me with this Spring.

DONE....1:42, I was redeemed!

I may not be an Ironman yet, but I am back to being an Ironman in training.

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