I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday work day is over!


ummmm, where do I start...weekend jam packed with multiple hockey games, grandma's birthday, workouts, grocery shopping, laundry, watching snow melt, etc.

So Saturday, yes it was BEAUTIFUL out.

How do I explain this one...so my spin tire is on my bike, do I take the 5, OK 15 minutes to change it out or just spin on the trainer??

Well, I grabbed the trainer, threw it outside on the deck and off I went for my 20 mile TT.

As I was riding, I was not feeling guilty, after all, when you are on the trainer there is no time to coast. So had a tough workout.....enjoyed climbing the make believe hills, having the neighbors stare at me, and never was blown over from the breeze.

See the thing with me, riding outside, I need to gain my confidence back from the Fall.

These tri-bikes are so fast and so fun, and the wind along with skittish chipmunks and big squirrels...get my point?

So 20 miles done at 1:18.

Sunday was a pool day....I had just got off the phone with Grease from Brigham's in Boston and she was sounding like herself...feisty, loud, obnoxious, and ready to start her recovery at home from the stem cell transplant.

So that gave me a huge boost to conquer my WOD.

I hit the pool.

I warmed up with 10 laps, then completed 9x100...was suppose to do 12x100, but the shoulder was not going to put up with me today.

I finished a warm down with 1x100 with the kick board.

Then came ice hockey....legs were tired and mind was not really there.

I can pin point it...late night before, bad nutrition, and my shoulder got the best of me today; both physically & mentally.

Finally its now Monday.....

I emailed Max...HELP! I am flipping out...how can I follow my plan without burpees, push-ups, thrusters,etc and still feel mentally and physically in the game?!!!

So for the next 2 weeks, Max adjusted my plan to take out arm related exercises.

Looks like sit ups, box jumps, lunges, squats will become my next best friends.

I know Bendz will love accompanying me on these.

So today was Back squats.....7 of them.

So I warmed up on the bike for 5 minutes.

The squats went something like this....
3x = 90lbs
3x= 110lbs
3x= 130lbs
1x= 170lbs

I think I could have nailed another 170lbs. March 15th I'll get my shot at it again.

My necklace was digging into the back of my neck, gee, that hurt more than the squats!


Going to bed tonight a little more at ease, knowing that my plan tomorrow may test me , but will not defeat me.

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  1. Your a damn powerhouse woman! Kicking some butt on those squats. You'll be able to bounce quarters off your backside in no time!