I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today was about not quiting, not pushing the stop button and not hitting the shower early.

There was no shame in walking.

My left hamstring and hip flexor were throwing temper tantrums today. They do have a right to be a little upset seeing I have not rested them since some time last week. Heck, they got me through my 13.1 run last week, my 30k bike, my hockey game, etc...

Maybe I'll celebrate and give them an extra stretch and a shot of Biofreeze.

So my WOD was to run for 45minutes = 4.91 miles. Yes, ugly.

Sometimes an ugly workout happens.

It's what makes me a true athlete.

Athletes also like revenge.

I think the pool may be a nice place for me tomorrow.

By the way the massage therapist says it's a "little thready". Better than last week.

So maybe 1000yd tomorrow and some squats in between.

"Fran" is going to get a smashing of a date when I am 100%.

For the heck of it, to boost my mood, maybe I'll apply some coconut sun tan lotion.

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  1. 4.91 was my exact number in 45 minutes too! At 1% ingrade I was slower but survived. Wasn't feeling the love from the TR plus nature called and I needed the potty!