I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, March 22, 2010


This is entry is rather unemotional as I am just trying to log it and get some rest. I said rest, not so sure about sleep. So hard to wind down after a beautiful weekend and a crazy day at work. And last week, just too emotional to even go there.

Maybe the rain will lure me to sleep.....

So picking up where i left off:

March 17..WOD= Tabata not too bad. Bike 20K, I actually did 12.40, (ya my kids don't ask me for help on their math) Anyways hit the trainer for 25:22

March 18...WOD = OK this was hard! the 6x5k at 60rpm....I have to say it was not always at 60rpm, as I pushed at different times but i did not once change gears over the sets. So it went like this:

as far as the 5k...hamstrings wouldn't let me..... I ended up walking most of a 10k route. Since then I have been really trying to stretch glutes, hammies, hips, abductors, quads. The roller beat me up.

Also today, I ended up getting a Cortisone shot in my shoulder. So with that and taking 2 Al eve 2x a day for a week, I really, really want that date with Fran before LPIM.

March 20=WOD back squats at 1/2 body weight 30x, not too bad. 20k bike...can't find the scrap paper i wrote it on.....it will turn up, most likely in the bottom of my washing machine. and hockey, we only had 2 centers, so lots of backchekin. My legs were pretty tired even before I stepped on the ice.

March 21 = WOD bike 10k, 3x for time.....put the bike out on the grass and spun as the neighborhood kids played soccer and continuously asked for snacks and water. lol Again, legs were really needing to work. it was 25:51, 25: 07, and 25:31.
Then another night of hockey. We had 3 lines and my left hamstring was working for the opposing team.

March 22....DAY OFF.....well mixed emotions since I do not feel confident in my performances, but again, I am a recovering exercise binger and I need to learn to recover aggressively as I train.

well the rain is calling me, good night, sweet dreams.....

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