I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gosh, Sunday night already............yup tired and dirty again.

But "all's good"

Grease, thanks for the delicious dinner...steaks, bake potato and salad, ya and a little more steak. yummmmy.

What a way to end a beautiful weekend.
So Saturday 5/15, feels like days ago, but yesterday, what did I do??

Deadlift 75 lbs 30x
20k bike - level 13 = 34:13
1000 row= 4:07
Sit ups 25 straight ones/ 15 side with 8lb med ball (4x total)
hit the back extension for 3x 12 reps
triceps 3x 12 reps at 35lbs.

legs were a little tired from Fridays WOD...

So today, Sunday 5/16...

Beautiful, blue sky day!

Just like ole times, met Christina at Simsbury Farms went for a ride.

We rode Beach Rock, not a TT, but just a ride to enjoy one another company and have some fun.

Would fun mean coming across a HUGE black bear?? It was huge and kept crossing the road in front of us... we did not want to turn around, because our favorite part of the ride was coming up.

So lets just say we swallowed our hearts for lunch as we pedaled where the bear disappeared into the woods.

I think my ride ended up at almost 40 miles.

Hit the basement real quick and did 15lb kB, 42 situps, and 84 squats (2x)

Did a stretch and foam roller...

And all this before...."Mom's what's for lunch?"

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