I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gosh, what a beautiful summer like day.....enjoyed most of it looking out my office window, but that's ok.

Today I swam 90 laps straight.

I got a little overwhelmed in the beginning thinking about the laps and my lack of time spent in the pool over the past few months.

But I jumped in and had to share with someone else.

OK, so I got a little competitive because of my sharing.

She had great kick turns , as I still grab the wall with my hand and turn around.

Well, I kept going and lapped her.

She eventually left the pool and I kept going and felt pretty strong in my last 20 laps.

Driving home, top down, cranked the tunes.

Another good day...

oh yea, and 2 months to go!

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