I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can someone give me a shower and put me to bed?! I am so tired and dirty.

Let me think....oh ya, yesterday...May 12th

I decided to give that kineosis tape job a chance... I ran 2 miles on the TR....weird that this simple strip of tape is helping my hammy. Still not 100%, but hey, if I can run and not feel like I am endangering other muscles/tendons on this body, then I am back to runnin.

I am psyched, my new sneakers came in the mail. Move over Prada!

And then my real WOD... a tabata of box jumps/back extensions/lunges/situps. I got sick of trying to watch the time for the situps so just did 20 of them regardless if I went over :20....

Today, May 13, I was suppose to do some bike and a pool WOD....This morning I was out of the house early, doing so many errands with 2 dr appts....emissions....and so on and so on. Felt good to knock these things off my to do list.

I was a little anxious about getting in the pool. I had to kick for 500yd with the kick board (i think). OK, may not seem like a lot but usually i kick 2 laps and my back hurts, my hip flexors are screaming and I just poop out hitting those scratchy lane dividers ....

but today...

I was so proud of myself.

I did it all and felt great.

So I continued some time in the pool and swam 9o laps straight. I needed to do this for confidence seeing that I have missed crucial arm/pool WOD. I did choke on some flem but kept going.

Tomorrow I will make up the bike WOD that I missed.

Weekend is looking like great weather....possibly will treat myself to a Beach Rock ride.

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