I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, May 24, 2010

Another weekend... fun-filled and flew by.

So after my bike journey on Friday, I got out of bed on Saturday.

Big accomplishment right there!

I wasn't sure if my neck was going to be able to support the weight of my head, but it did. I think the rowing must have something to do with it.

Saturday 5/22

Jam packed with away soccer games, a 90th birthday party, so today I decided was a rest day.

Sunday 5/23

Got this workout in right before heading out to see Sugarland in concert.

Since my hamstring was not taped and is still funky, I cranked on the elliptical for 30minutes. Only running seems to aggravate it. Rev3 is right around the corner. Not sure what's going to happen. A bit freaked out.

I then hit the rower for a 5k= 21:09.

Quickly moved over to the dumbells and did biceps 3x (15reps) of 15lb's alternating with triceps at the rope with 30lbs at 3x (15reps)

Lastly, hit the mats for 2x (25 situps) alternating with 15 twists with 8lb medicine ball

Bolted to the grocery store, cooked turkey burgers, inhaled them and off to Sugarland.

Monday 5/24

Wanted to test the hamstring but TR were taken and hammy not taped, so i day I hit the Arc for 30 minutes. But I think I wimped out. I could have run outside at work, but chose the confinement of the gym.

Then did 2x of the 50 step ups/40 box jumps/30 sit-ups /20 (20lb) kb swings/10 burpees. The step ups on the 24in box were a bit too high. Did it for the for first 50, then switched to the 18in for the other 50. Box Jumps on the 24in are OK.

Yes, I was sweating and felt beat up after 14:27.

I think tonight I'll go for the turkey burger again, but actually taste it.

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