I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, May 21, 2010

Today.....100.86 miles!

How did I do it?.... I just enjoyed it.

I was not nervous heading out....I knew if I just paced, hydrated and nourished these muscles I could do it.

I went out towards Riverton, and followed the Farmington River...so beautiful and peaceful.

Then climbed the hills on 181, my favorite Beach Rock route. No bear this time, but I was trying to plot out my next water fill up. Between the many churches and fire stations I knew I could get water, but I ended up stopping at this cute home made ice cream stand in Granville called "The Scoop". I guzzled one bottle in there before this sweet ole lady filled it up again.

Hey Grease, I came across a street named "BALANCE ROCK ROAD"...enough said.

So I continued on...

I went by the Granville gorge, what a beautiful ride that was too.

I proceeded over to Congomong Lakes where a friend lives, and she had cold , wet water!Thanks MK!

I think I was at 61 miles at this point...I had at least 2 Gu's and a Powerbar.

My next wonder site was the cliffs over in Suffield.

New England melts my heart.

I was getting hungry so wolfed down another Powerbar on my way to my Mom who I surprised her on her 70th birthday, she too had cold, wet water & Ritz bits with peanut butter. Took the rest of the bag and stuffed it into my Bento box.

The journey continues....

Rode by where my best friend growing up use to live. The memories came flooding back.

So now comes a bit of a blur....

Then around 70 something miles I placed a call to Bendza and just told her how hard it was to chew, even though I chewed into the phone and then continued on.

Around 79.79...I pulled over and ate some more and made myself drink. I told myself I needed to stay focused on eating and drinking. I was thinking, 20 miles, piece of cake. uh-huh...sure.

We all know how sick of eating Gu's and powerbars can get, never mind the dirt, grease and stickiness we all feel.

Quick snack on the side of the road and time to get pedalling again.

My quads were fine the whole way, as were my calves, hamstrings, but my feet hurt! Its that pressure spot where you have the pedals. What to do? Should I be Gell'in with Dr Shcols?

I cruised onto my street as my daughter i knew must have gotten home and i was at 99.50...I yelled "Moogie, I got .50 left to go, I'll be right back!

Well, my bike and my body was very good to me. We shared alot out there seeing we spent 5:45 hrs together. We did cruise at times hitting 40 mph and my average speed was 17.3mph.

So a 26.2 mile run left to do.....

I'll do it.

Just me , myself and I.

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