I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Where's the beef?"

I mean "beach?"

Only those old enough in the late 80's would understand. lol

Another beautiful day!

Looking forward to my ride home, top down, crank'in the tunes and a long holiday weekend!

Well getting down to business.

I ran today. Only 5 miles. On a TR...yuck.

But happy, my hamstring was intact with kinesio tape. I am taking a picture of the way it was taped so I can reconstruct it again for my next run. Of course nearing 43yrs old, I don't expect it to be perfect and it wasn't.

I had to decide between if it was just sore and underused or pain and I should have stopped.

Well, I mentally told myself to suck it up, no quitting and of course "grigs you keep going", but at the same time listen to my body.

Again, just get me across that LPIM finish line.

I must say the run felt like I had never run before. I had to keep reminding myself about my form and never reached that auto pilot feeling.

But that's OK....I will run outside on Friday, NOT on the TR, and evaluate afterwards.

I stretched, then came back to my desk and sat on a bag of ice.

This weekend I am excited to volunteer at a 5k/10k road race in Bristol. I love encouraging and cheering on athletes. Grease is going with me and we will get a glance at how the Miles for Multiple Myeloma will be set up for that race on June 20th. Mike and Jenny, THANK YOU!

So even though I only did 5 miles, I am psyched I did not wimp out and not test my hammy at all. The fear of the unknown.

Well, off to a 7th grade chorus/band concert. I wonder if they'll sing Sugarland?!

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