I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, May 14, 2010

"Just keep it honest, grigs"......

Hey Bendz, I did.

Something about a dark exercise room, music blaring, and being solo makes the soul dig deep.

Today I did the 6x (5k) at RPM at 60 rpm.

After working a half day at work, Bendz and I hit the Y at lunch time. I told her walking in I always feel anxious, nervous, excited about my workouts.

Thanks Bendz for hanging with me on 3 of those 5K. You pounded through 3 of them, no rest, and still got off the bike to go bang out some sprints. NO other way to put it, but you are a freakin ANIMAL!

The first 2 were tough, but after i got into the "zone", I was jammin to the tunes. Yes, from the 80's.

Why not end it with 50 squats.

Left there soakin wet.


  1. Grigs - You amaze me more every day. The incredible strength of your spirit, mind and body is second to none - keep it up it, pace yourself and knock it out of the park like you always do. With admiration - Allard

  2. I love working out with you Grigs! You make me work hard just as much. I may grumble at you for making me push harder but in the end I LOVE IT!