I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Monday...always enjoy my ride and coffee into work...so quiet and peaceful, the skies have been extremely blue.

Oh well....it's 7am and time to start working....

Well, my legs were tired last night, they felt like lead sinkers so I was excited, yet nervous to see a 10k row on my plan for today.

Well, I wasted no time, just started going. As usual, my butt bones hurt when I row. I kept telling myself, "you think this is painful, wait till LPIM. And that little sweat that keeps dripping in your eye, that's is no excuse to stop rowing".

I kept thinking pace yourself... I wasn't too sure how my body was going to handle it. I did take a 2 second break at 5000 to suck on water, but did not allow myself to stop any other time.

I must have looked funny cause i was trying to maneuver into a spot to get off my butt bones, and row at the same time...kind of like chub rub and your trying to get those shorts to stop creeping up your thighs.

Well, I did it...44:04. Yes, I had some left in the tank, so now when I go back to do it, I will have a challenge ahead of me.

Lights out, good nite Monday.

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  1. Nice work, your pain threshold is a lot higher than mine. I actually have to stand up to relieve the pain!