I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's over....yes my very own pity party.

My injuries are not going to ruin me any more.

I am going to gut it out with what I can do physically, and not worry about what I can't do.

With a little more than 2 months to go to LPIM... I am going to look at "TODAY" on my plan and hit it hard. Anything more than that is overwhelming to me. I have missed some crucial workouts due to the injuries, but no more looking back. Max has adjusted my plan and attitude to get me back on track.

Important to note is I need to be more intense on my warm ups....the first 3-5 minutes of anything i do as a TT, this body is not ready to go at %110. So from here on in, need to get a sweat going before i engage in any TT.

For my own purposes of tracking I need to go back and record some data.

Beach Rock TT = do not take Hill crest cut through so it was 36.85 miles, av speed 16.7 for 2:12 hrs. Felt strong on the long climb.

April 27 = 5k ROW for time....since no arm work allowed Max substituted for every 100M row do 5 jump squats and 5 sit-ups...so I did a set of 50 each for 5x with an 18lb bar. Took 18:34

Yes, driving back from the Y to work, I could barley hold the clutch at a red light. And it felt damn good!

April 28 = no dead lifts so did 30 back squats with 90lbs. For the 1000m Row I did the 25 each 4x of the jump squats and sit ups. Did this with the 20lb bar and took 6:11. Ya, Quads are screaming.

April 29 = WOD 5 sit ups, 15 squats and 15 back extensions for 20 minutes = 16 reps with one set of sit ups. Then hit the stationary bike level 13 random setting for the 1 mile rest..2 mile rest, up to 5 miles and back. yes, I was drenched after this one, but it felt great. Had to get off the bike 3 times during the rest to refill the water bottles. Should have snuck a couple of Gu's into the Y.

1 mile= 2:43....2:36
2 mile = 5:03?... 5:33
3 miles= 8:00... 8:22
4 miles 10:15?... 11:03
5 miles= 13:45... 13:37

Yes I am guilty for not resting the entire time between the miles....need more discipline.

April 30 = REST DAY! (yes, I took one)
Grease thanks for the visit and the delicious tuna fish sandwich.

May 1= 40k bike= rode 26.35 miles...did rt 20..but had to add on to make the 40k. Did it it 1:30hrs. ave speed was 17.4

right after the bike threw in 25 squats/ 25 sit-ups for 4x

May 2 = was feeling a little guilty about missing the April 30 wod...what I can say, that's me. So after daughter's late soccer game, around 5:45 pm I set out on my bike on this very hot and humid day. I was thinking about the 4/30 WOD so instead of the bike 2 miles for time 5x. I climbed rt 309 5x...the last ride up I stayed in the saddle. I gutted it out to the telephone pole at the top and turned around. Sure are a lot of big bugs smacking me, made sure the mouth was closed on those descends. Then just finished the night up a total of 20.40 miles.

Ya, afterwards my daughter says to me, "Mom, people must think you were a weirdo doing that". And I could do was point to my IronMan Lake Placid socks that i had been wearing and pointed to those and gave her the thumbs up.

Feel so good to be back to the old self. I sure did miss me.

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