I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, June 25, 2010

Another beautiful blue sky day!!

Got up really early, not sleeping so good lately, even though I am physically tired.

Gee , could it be the LPIM is ONE MONTH FROM TODAY?!!

It's more than that I know...

So this morning I was procrastinating with everything, except getting my Dunkin Donuts coffee.

After washing the floors, and a couple emails, Bendz finally told me to go workout...so I did.

So the WOD was row 500,/run 400m (5x) for time.

Well, I felt pretty naked at the gym, no.. not that kind of naked , but forgot my watch, my earrings and even my $5 bracelet that gets me through some tough workouts.

Well, the row was more tiring than the running.

I have gotten pretty anal with the run part.

Because the TR takes time to raise to 1 incline and get up to the speed I want, I don't start the 400m, till it's where I want it to be.

Spent the afternoon by the pool with friends, a good book, and well deserved sunshine.

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