I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Monday, June 28, 2010

What a Weekend!

I sure wish I had my camera..my kids, parents, and cousins all volunteered and worked at the Cohassett Triathlon this past Sunday. All dress in their yellow shirts, waving signs they had made the night before to cheer on my brother and me.

This was a sprint triathlon....not a favorite of mine. I have come to love the longer distances where I can actually catch my breath and have many, many conversations with myself.

So Sunday morning my brother and I rode our bikes down to the race with gear in tow.

I was amazed at the set up. I thought this was a town sponsored event, nothing huge, etc. It was really cool, with the stage set-up music, etc.

Looked really cool.

So ya, the butterflies started coming.

Before the pre-race announcements, my brother came over to me and showed me his daughter's goggles he was going to use. I said, her use mine, I have an extra pair. I also showed him the key ingredient to getting out of a wet suit....PAM...so he laughed and sprayed it on himself.

After squeezing into my wet suit I went down to the ocean to check out the water temps and my spare goggles. OK, it was so sunny, hot , and humid already I thought the ocean waters would be welcoming....NOT!!

It was freezing! And yes, I guess I am a wimp!

So I sucked it up and dove under...crap, the string on the nose part of my goggles broke. I tried many of times to tie and tighten but it was not working.

The first 2 waves had already taken off..pretty cool too, It was a beach run start....always fun running in sand in a wetsuit. lol

So I ran up to the registration area, got some duck tape and taped the nose piece.

good to go...

Wave 7 finally got corralled and then the mad dash to the water.

FREEZING!!! ugghh!

Well water started coming in on the left lens....two times I emptied it out then just kept going.

So the swim wasn't too bad as far as me typical zigzagging...only caught myself doing it once.

then the run up the beach to transition.


Choppy beach roads, no fun up hills and down hills. Had one Gu and guzzled some "fresh" water.

Was able to play cat and mouse with a woman in my age group. It was good because it pushed me harder than if i was by myself.

Yes, I did end up beating her into transition, but she did get the last laugh later.


YUCK! I felt my quads were cylinder blocks...not bricks, but CYLINDERS.

It was a mental game for me... I shuffled through the first water station and then told myself I am not going to walk anywhere, its only 3.2 miles.

It was wicked hot and humid and the sun was shining down. I did end up dousing myself with water. Hard to believe that this seemed worse than the 13.1 run I did a couple of weeks ago. ugghh!

So another hill came up, and people were walking and again I said I did squats I am not walking up this...OK, I trudged up it, good enough for me. (at least at the time)

So around 2.5 miles, my legs decide they want to run...and I was finally able to smile and breathe.

So coming down the hill to the finish line, I high five my crew, and was waving to my brother and sister in law on the rocks...and little did I know that the 'cat' from the bike was ready to pounce on me. And sure enough, in the finish shoot, she past me. I learned a hard lesson...

Overall, it was a good day...finished in 1:12.

I am disappointed in my run. I thought 3.2 miles wouldn't be so painful.

Monday 6/28...

Tired today....the WOD was 21..15...9 rounds of kb swings, sit-ups, and squats.

Finished up with some good stretching.

Tuesday 6/29...

Got up early and before work surprised Bendz with flowers and donuts well for her kids, but she enjoyed them too.

WOD was 7 deadlifts...


I stay conservative. Did not want to aggravate my hamstring.

Wednesday 6/30...

WOW, today was gorgeous!

WOD was a 600yd swim kick. Actually kicked better than last time I did this. No bumper boats this time.

The only thing gone wrong was my hives came out really bad around my eyes after swimming...weird. So with 10 minutes to spare on my lunch break I hit the park and soaked in some sun.

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