I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Thursday, June 24, 2010

So last night I went to bed knowing today was going to be a killer workout...on top of a wicked busy day and with kids in tow.

So the WOD..at least the first part was bike 1 mile..rest 2 minutes..2 miles..rest 3 minutes up to 5 miles and then back down.

ok, so 30 miles total on trainer in the basement.

I was smart enough to put a fan down there and extra water.

Left there drenched.

Ran all my errands...had to go to work for a bit, but my daughter came with me and we had lunch there and had some fun....then more errands.

Did so much driving that I even got myself car sick.

Hangin over my head was WOD #2.

Usually I help run soccer practice, but I told the head coach, I have to go to the Y and bang out a 20 minute WOD, then I'd be back.

I ended dragging his wife with as she was wanting to go workout anyways.

So WOD #2....squats 95lbs (5x)...10 sit ups...500 row for 20 minutes.

6 complete sets and 1 full set of squats.

Boy, I sure feel grubby, dirty, but at the same time...elated.

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  1. Sorry that I missed you! Nice job on the double whammy today. Your almost there Grigs and just think how strong you'll be throughout the race. I'm very proud of you!