I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Thursday, June 17, 2010

This morning I woke up and told my teenager, that last night went by way too fast. Felt like I just put my head down and the alarm was going off.

Started the morning with pancakes....

Kids were happy.

Today's WOD:
Bike 3 miles rest 1 minute
Bike 6 miles rest 2 minutes
Bike 9 miles rest 3 minutes
Bike 12 miles....

sweated all over the place and enjoyed it.

Then had to do the 2nd part of the WOD...
21 squats/500row...15 squats/5oo row...9 squats/500 row

I timed it (8:25) but my rowing got all mixed up cause I didn't reset the rower to a new 500 every time....the machine was still counting i guess the rest time..not sure. So I rowed a total of 1750 I think.... I'll have to figure this out next time.

I am psyched for some good sleep.

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