I Did it!

I Did it!

"you keep going"


Friday, June 4, 2010

Whoa....sitting in my bed feeling bloated and huge.


I have consumed all the needed water/electrolytes/carbs/fats/proteins needed just for TODAY to get ready for the Half Iron man on Sunday. (i hope)

So this past week has been mentally challenge as many of you know who have ever been anxious,nervous, and excited about something.

The "waiting" is so hard.

Wednesday June 2
I scooted over to the Y and was suppose to do a Helen but again I know pull ups would aggravate my shoulder. So I rowed 500m/ran 400/15lb kb 21 swings (3x).

Also peeped my head into Chris's office at the Y and told him not to give up yet. He too has a shoulder issue and is awaiting results of an MRI. Just like any of us, an injury can be so mentally devastating. Timber man is waiting for you Chris. GOOD LUCK!

Thursday June 3
Today, I went up to my old hs school track to do the 8x200. I remember the days of having to run the 50 & 100 yard dash and the horrific 1 mile for the Presidential fitness award. Those were the days of Suzi Q's, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Big Macs.....

now its Powerbars, Gu's, frozen bags of peas and Celebrex. lol

This was actually hard. Never really got my hamstrings warmed up...did try, but just felt ugly.

Ended the workout with 100 sit ups and a "Rocky" lap around the track.

Friday June 4
Rest Day...... ya right....I paced the floors talking to Christina, Bendz, Grease, my mom in regards to the Rev 3 on Sunday. I know I clocked in over 12, ooo steps due to a work pedometer challenge I am involved in.

Well I planted plenty of flowers and always by my side was a bottle of water or Gatorade. I kept my food choices pretty good until after dinner, I ate a Take 5. delicious....with the chocolate, carmel, peanut butter and pretzel. But I will not loose sleep over this....

Tomorrow on the breakfast menu is wheat blueberry/strawberry pancakes with turkey sausage and a yummy hot coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Ya, it's all about hydration/food and sleep for the next 48 hours.

OK, that's actually harder to handle than everything else going on like a 5pm State Cup soccer game in Fairfield, visiting my hockey team at Relay for Life, dropping off the bike/packet pick up and at least 50 trips to the bathroom.

Tonight, got to get my last good night of sleep, seeing that Sunday at 4:15am my alarm will be sounding off even though I know I will be staring at the ceiling hrs before that.

Gotta love it!

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